Saturday, May 5, 2012



To some, this is an ordinary day.

To me and my family, it is the day our precious son, Sami, literally walked out of the America World Transition House and into our family FOREVER!!! Filling a void that only HE could fill!  And bringing a long-awaited sense of completion to our family!

I cannot begin to find words to describe the JOY of not leaving a son behind at the TH! No more wondering how either son is feeling! To know, I just have to look beside me and glance into their precious faces!

As we drove into the Transition House, all of the children swarmed the van, knowing we were there to bring Sami HOME!!! I kept searching the crowd for Sami, but he was "behind the doors" of the Transition House.....waiting to be reunited with us!!! I was beyond giddy! Worried I would freak him out with my excitement and smothering of kisses! Ha!

And then We saw him! His beautiful smile and handsome face! Walking toward us! THIS TIME FOREVER!!! AAAAHHHHH!!!!!

I could hardly contain myself! To hold him in my arms again was amazing! He was safe! And he was coming HOME! WITH US! I kept wanting to hug him over and over again! Maybe it was to help it sink in that this was REALLY happening! No more leaving him! And instead, a future lifetime of family and love with him!

It was bittersweet to see all the kids swarm Sami to shower their love upon him and say their goodbyes. Such JOY these kids showed for Sami, even when they ache for this day for themselves. True selfless friendship and love!

Kaleab wasn't sure what to think at first sight of Sami, as he stared and stared at his big brother. The recognition was quick and the JOY of the reunion continues even now, as Kaleab is constant giggles and grins and always wants to be touching Sami's hand, chest or shoulder. Sami, in his true form of genuine kindness and love, continually showers his little brother with attention and love in return.

Kaleab even waited for Sami, it would appear, to start walking! YUP! You heard me right! Little peanut walked and walked last night....our first night together as a family!!! It was so FUN to share this as a family of FOUR!!!

Internet issues and a power outage has hindered my ability to post (so sorry!). Even still, I post this on our iPad, and our pics are downloaded on our laptop. (still can't get Internet on laptop for some strange reason). It has been an INCREDIBLE first two days together! I promise to post pictures as soon as I am able.

We visited Sami's amazing birth town today. Such a precious experience! Know that your prayers are felt by us, as our travels and time together has been so very blessed. Your prayers are definitely being heard and we thank you for them!

Tomorrow is church and family together time. Our hearts are FULL of PRAISE to GOD for bringing Sami to us!  We are awed by HOW God brought Sami to us! And FULL of PRAISE that God chose US for Sami!!

We now have two incredible boys! God's plan was to bless our socks off from the very beginning of our journey to parenthood. And bless our socks of He has done, indeed!



Elle J said...

Beautiful words, Debb, that so many have longed to read!! Praise God!!

erica said...

YAY! Congratulations!!!!!!!! :)

LK said...

Congratulations! And you beautiful, heartfelt writing does a great job of creating the pictures you have yet to post. Safe travels!

Alison said...

PRAISE THE LORD!!!! This is the best post ever, Debb! I am thrilled that your sweet family is all together!!!

Anonymous said...

Praising the Lord along with you. The story of your family is beautiful and blesses my heart.


Anonymous said...

so excited for your precious family!!!!!! How exciting that Sami will always remember how hard you fought for him! Prayers for safe travels home!!!!

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