Thursday, April 26, 2012

Time with Grandma and Grandpa "C"

We were so BLESSED by our visit with my dad and Doreen last week!  They drove out here from Wisconsin (where I grew up) and they took the more scenic route home ~ through Jackson Hole, WY.  It was a week of quality family time for sure!

It was so great to awaken to them here and know that we had the whole day to just be together and enjoy one another and Kaleab.  It so blessed my heart to watch Kaleab with both Doreen and my dad.  The cutie pie had them both wrapped around his finger almost instantaneously!  {smile}

Kaleab loved Grandpa's funny little noises and he loved Doreen's playful attention.  His name for the both quickly became "Gaga."  And he still says there "name" intermittently throughout the day.

It was fun to have them here when Sami's bedroom furniture was delivered, and it was ESPECIALLY FUN to have them here with us on the day we were SUBMITTED TO EMBASSY!  We went out to dinner at Tucanos in celebration of our being submitted.  Which, of course I have no pictures of because I am lame and forgot our camera!

What a treat to have a celebratory dinner WITH family!  Such a special day and night is was!

They wanted to contribute to Sami's bedroom and offered to pay for the drapes we plan on putting up before Sami arrives (better get to Pottery Barn......quick!).  So thoughtful.  THANK YOU, guys!

We skyped Dad and Doreen the other day and Kaleab immediately began repeatedly saying "Gaga"  "Gaga" when he saw their picture show up as my laptop dialed them.  And this morning, he looked up at my laptop sitting on my desk and said, "Gaga" with anticipated excitement, as if he was going to see them on the computer again. Bittersweet to live so far away from family......

I will let pictures tell you part of the story of our time with them.
First morning waking up to Grandma Doreen.....

.......and Grandpa!

Hanging out with mommy and Gma Doreen one afternoon.

Oh how he loved her kisses!

Jeff and my Dad going long into the evening on

Doreen and I kicked back while the boys learned of our family history.

Flirting with Grandma.

 Walking with Grandpa.

Taking them both in.

Staring at "Gaga"

 Grandma couldn't take her eyes off of baby Kaleab...


  Sharing some giggles with Grandpa.

Now it was Grandpa who couldn't stop looking at Kaleab. 
Love it!

 Just missing Jeff (taking photo) and SAMI!!!

THANK YOU, Dad and Doreen!  For the wonderful visit, for your love and for covering all of us with your many prayers as we walked this journey to our boys!  WE LOVE YOU BOTH!!!!  


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