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I carried my laptop to bed with me and checked for an email from embassy every hour or so.  At 6am we still had no email.  My heart sank and I confess, I began to let fear and doubt creep in.  "What if something went wrong?"  "What if she didn't interview?"  As always, Jeff calmed me with the reminder that "God has this!"

By 7am we received the news that not only did the interview take place, but WE CLEARED EMBASSY!!!!!  SAMI IS COMING HOME!!!!!!

Words cannot even begin to describe my feelings!  I have goosebumps for the bazillionth time as I contemplate what this means.......Sami is OUR SON and he will be HOME SOON!  FOREVER!

This empty place that only HE can fill will soon be filled in our family and in our HOME!!!!

We have to wait for Kaleab's passport, which should arrive Monday or Tuesday next week, so we hope to leave for Ethiopia next Wednesday!  We are DYING to get on that plane and smother sweet Sami in our love, hugs and kisses!!!!

I try to imagine what is going through Sami's mind and heart as he learns of this news.  It is our greatest prayer and hope that God comforts him in the "bitter" part of this bittersweet process.  He will likely get to see is birth mom one last time.  Praying that this is a positive experience for him and that it helps Sami feel free to love us and accept our love for him!!!

Also praying that the "sweet" part of this process.....having a FAMILY FOREVER!!!! perceived in his heart and mind as exciting, exhilarating and life-giving!  He says he prayed every day for a family.  So praying that we can be all that he prayed for and more!  May God equip us to love him in amazing ways, and help to nurture the wonderful character that God is already developing in this wonderful, incredible boy!!!!

How God chose US to parent this awesome boy is beyond us.  Beyond our wildest dreams!  Our entire family is soooooo excited to be blessed with our two precious sons!!!!

THANK YOU, LORD, for carrying me when I felt I could not walk this challenging path.  The time of disappointing set-backs became hard to take, yes.  However, in hindsight, every tear shed, every delay experienced, every step taken has been MORE.THAN.WORTH.IT for our boys!!!!!

Jeff's parents have been planning to come and spend time with us and Kaleab, arriving here tomorrow.  It will be a much busier time than originally anticipated, getting ready for our trip, but we will be basking in the JOY of their meeting Kaleab while also swimming in the excitement of getting ready to return to Ethiopia for Sami!

Beauty surrounds us!!!!!!!!


Elle J said...

Debb - I am just so thankful you have opened your heart and home to share of God's wonderful blessings upon your family. I am so thankful that I "found" your blog and have learned and cheered and prayed and felt sad too along the way - all for this glorious FOREVER union of a family. God Bless your travels and your beautiful life together!! Thinking of you ...

jkseevers said...

HOORAY!!! yay! yay! yay! Doing cartwheels in your honor today, Debb;)

Grinning from ear to ear! sooo thankful for God's faithfulness.


Love you girl,

AShley said...

Wow ! what an amazing past few days and fast forward button was surely pushed on the whole process this week! So excited for you all from here in Sandpoint

Alison said...

YAY!!! I have a HUGE smile on my face! What a beautiful journey that God has taken you on to bring your boys home!!! Rejoicing with ya'll!!!

mini and brother said...


erica said...

Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations and best wishes as you become a family of 4 - all together at last!!!!! :)

mumm001 said...

I don't even know you guys but I do know Josh and Torrie! I am SO excited for you guys!!! What an answer to MANY MANY prayers! We will pray for safe travels, for Sami's goodbyes with his mother and then his wonderful reunion with your family!

Meleah said...

Praise the Lord!!! So Excited for all of you:)

Ky Toone said...

I can't believe, after all this time, and all the waiting that FINALLY, FINALLY God is bringing your second son home! Such a LONG TIME coming! Such a LONG WAIT. Such a perfect Family! Praying Sami is overjoyed and comforted at the same time! :)

Praying for you ALL and SAFE Travels.... We love you so.

Lee, Ky, Macie and our ET babe

Desiree McKnight said...

Oh when I saw this in the AWAA group I jumped for joy!!! SO excited for you guys to ALL be together!!! Praise God!!

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