Sunday, March 11, 2012


Kaleab's first birthday party was a BIG HIT!!!

We had so much fun putting it all together!  And, yes, I did the typical first-time-mom throwing her first son's first birthday party thing.  I attended to every detail!  Ha!  {thanks for putting up with me, Daddy!}

I did a lot of the planning ahead of time during Kaleab's naps.  Found the recipes, created the menu, picked out decor ideas, etc.  However, as the party approached, I quickly learned how much SLOWER I get things done with my little peanut at my side!  Party or not, I would prefer to shower my babe with love over planning a birthday party any day!  Which I often did, resulting in not even starting our cupcakes until 7:15pm the night before the party!  YIKES!

We made banana cupcakes to stay with the monkey theme, but I had two different ideas for decor on the top ~ which meant two different frostings as well.  And once I get an idea in my head it is HARD for me to let it go!  Even when we hadn't started the cupcakes at such a late time in the game!

Jeff and I were up until 4am making cupcakes and getting the decor set up for the party.  It was late, but the adrenaline of knowing our sweet boy was HOME and we were having a party in honor of his birthday kept it fun ~ and kept us going.

Kaleab slept through all of this nighttime prep and awoke at 6am.  Bright and early.  Giving Mommy and Daddy 1 1/2 hours of sleep!  Schnikers things are different with pulling all-nighters when you have a baby! NOT complaining one iota.....just making an observation.  {insert smile here}  Jeff chuckled as he shared his thought of posting on his FB, "I don't think I have ever pulled an all-nighter.....BAKING!"  Ha!  But he has now!  He was a trooper of a Daddy, for sure!

We were blessed by all the wonderful friends who came to help us celebrate Kaleab!  And little peanut did wonderfully well!  Well, except when it came time to eat his first birthday cake......we all sang Happy Birthday to him and it kind of overwhelmed him.  Fifty some peeps singing and staring at him was just a bit much for the poor little guy.  Instead of eating and playing with his monkey cake, he cried.  {Luckily, he was immediately soothed once in my arms!}

Aside from that, though, he really had FUN and the party was a success!  It was a dream-come-true for Mommy here.  It seemed surreal that he was actually HOME and that we were finally having a birthday party for OUR SON!!!!

SO THANKFUL TO GOD for our wonderful gift of Kaleab!!!!

I will let pictures share the rest of the day!...............

This was framed and hung on our front door with ribbon
(taken on feb 25....his real bday...a week before)

The table as we were getting ready
(only real pics before the fun began.  bummer.)

Can't see the pretty glass jars of brown, white, blue candy on this table.
Elsewhere I had brie w/ crackers and fruit; meatballs (GONE in less than an hour!);
veggies and homemade dill dip; chips and salsa; and Taco Soup!

The topiary I made for decor ~ thanks to etsy!

K's monkey smash cake on the top of cupcake stand.

  Snapshot of the cupcakes before very many got eaten.

Cupcakes and topiary up close.

 I had fun making different faces on the monkeys.

Cute cupcake toppers I got from etsy.

 Kaleab's smash cake.  Not too smashed.
Maybe next year.

 Capturing some of the friends getting ready to sing Happy Birthday!

Not sure what to do with this monkey on his high chair.
OR why so many people are singing to him.

A bit more overwhelmed.....
 "Okay.  I'm done.  Mommy, please hold me."

 "Yes, Mommy even ordered this shirt for me from etsy.
Notice the blue and brown match the party theme.  Oi."

Daddy, Mommy and Kaleab.

Leftover cupcakes.

All in all, it was a wonderful evening celebrating sweet Kaleab with amazing friends!  Only thing that could have made it better would be to have had Big Brother in attendance.  Next year!!!  


Brandy Wade said...

What a beautiful party!!

Tanya M said...

You guys must have been exhausted during that party! I can relate to baking in the middle of the night, though. I tend to bake late, probably because I like the peace and quiet without little kids to distract me. The party looks wonderful, you guys did great!

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