Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Good News ~ Bad News

The judge reviewed our adoption case for Big Brother yesterday (Tuesday) and.........

BAD NEWS is the judge said we needed another (third!) Court Date for Big Brother.

GOOD NEWS is that instead of making us wait until mid April, she assigned us a Court Date of March 14th!!!  That is NEXT WEDNESDAY!!!!!

To add to this good news, our agency says they anticipate our passing on that day!  Finally!

So now we have an even BIGGER step out of the mud that has been holding us back in this Court phase!!!

We are praising God that the CD is so soon!  THANK YOU for your continued prayers that helped us get to this point!!!  And THANK YOU for continued prayers that this adoption, is indeed, finalized next Wednesday!  He could legally be OUR SON FOREVER in a matter of days!!!!

Can't wait to share his name and beautiful face with you all!  Hopefully and prayerfully in a WEEK!

Finalizing the adoption at the court phase will then move us onto the Embassy phase, in which our agency will be gathering important documents needed to be submitted to our US Embassy in Ethiopia.  While this gathering of paperwork used to only take two weeks, the trend is now 5-10 weeks!  Praying embassy submission can happen in five weeks OR LESS!!!!

God has this!  He can do this!  And we trust it will all be done in His timing!

Thank you for continued prayers for our sweet son's heart as he waits, for our Court Date next Wednesday,  and for expediency in the remainder of this process to BRING HIM HOME!!!!

GO, GOD!!!


Marty said...

At what point will you be returning to pick up "S"? Who will travel? All 3 of you?

Debb said...

We hope "S" will be coming home in 2-3 months....praying it is closer to 2 than 3. Right now the plan is to have all three of us travel to ET to bring home Big Brother. Kaleab is struggling with sleep right now, and we are a bit hesitant to upset that routine (once it is better established), so we will have to see how he is doing around the travel time. If it is not wise for Baby Kaleab to travel that far, then Dad will go get BB. Thanks for following us, Marty! Means the world to us! <3

Kim said...

Praying!! He's definitely "got this"!

Marty said...

Praying for Kaleab's adjustment to his permanent home in every way. What a neat father/son bonding time for Dad to be the one to pick him up! Always looking for the positive in your situation. Love, M

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