Friday, January 20, 2012


Our agency showed up at the US Embassy yesterday with the birth mom WITH her identification, and the embassy turned them away!  They told them to come back January 30th!!!  They would not take the 3-5 minutes to interview her and clear this case!  Can you even believe this!  The US Embassy is suppose to be our advocate!

They know that I am still in country.  They know how FAR away Kaleab's birthmother lives from Addis.  And still, they turned her away and told her to come back in almost two weeks!  This girl is trying to go to school!  And I am trying to get HOME!!!!

And here I sit.  Yes, I am grateful to be with our boys.  But it does not remove for me the strong desire to be HOME!  I dread saying "See ya soon" to Big Brother, but baby Kaleab NEEDS to be HOME where we aren't leaving by 9am every day and not returning until 5pm every evening {we go visit Big Brother}. Kaleab needs a regular routine, constant surroundings and one-on-on attention from his mommy and daddy to help the bonding process!

I do praise God for the bonding that is occurring with BOTH boys!

I am just READY to be HOME!  Three weeks is long enough!  And now there is TWO more weeks {minimum} ahead of me!  Oh, may God uplift me and strengthen me to endure this!

I can only think that God has AMAZING plans for our boys! Otherwise, the enemy wouldn't be trying SO HARD to fight us bringing them home!

Please join us in praying for:
1.  Big Brother's second Court Date ~ Jan 24th
2.  Kaleab's birth mom shows on Jan 30th and we are CLEARED!
3.  For my heart and spirit.  I am in the middle of a HUGE spiritual battle and I want to feel God's presence.

Love to each of you!


Charity Roach said...

I can't imagine how difficult this journey is for much uncertainty. But God is bigger than it all! God has wonderful plans for you AND for both of your boys. The enemy is strong, but your faith is stronger, and GOD is by far the strongest! His WILL, will be done! I can imagine how badly you want to come home. It WILL happen! Soak up the culture, the people while you are in Ethiopia. It will be so enriching for your family later. You have people praying for you who you do not even know (like me :) I hope you feel those prayers lifting your spirits while you are in country. I pray God brings the birth mom back to Embassy at the end of the month. I pray her travels are safe and she is able to make it there as requested. I pray for your court date, that all will go smoothly and Big brother will be one step closer to coming home as well! Looking forward to seeing how God has all of this unfold for your family!

krissy said...

There are no words... I'm angry for you... I'm frustrated with you... and I'm heart broken for both you and the birth mom. I'm so sorry... I'm so sorry. We're praying!!!

Shannon said...

AHHH So frustrating!!! I'm so sorry Deb! I can imagine how much you just want to bring Kaleab home. We are not at all fans of the Embassy right now either! We're praying for you!!!!

Kim said...

I am praying so hard for your family!!!

Jessica Rudder said...

I'm keeping your family in my prayers.

If you pass court for big brother on January 24th, is there any chance that you can combine Kaleab's embassy appointment and Big Brother's so you can all go home together? Or are there things that need to be done between court and embassy that take a while to process?

Debb said...

I cannnot THANK each one of you enough for praying us through this! I seriously FEEL the prayers, and it helped me today a great deal! Even if Big Brother passes court next Tues, there is minimal chance he will come home with us this time......unless I was able to stay in ET for another 2-3 mos.....which I am not. It's sad, isn't it!?!?!? Praying for his little heart in preparation for the day that I have to say "see ya soon." It sucked the first time with Kaleab and it will SUCK again!!!! Oh, Lord, please cover us! Thanks for asking though, Jessica! :)

Marty Sosa said...

Sometimes I just wonder what He is up to. It could be for S to have an unusually strong bond with you before you leave, because I imagine not many children get to bond for this length of time due to parents having to return much sooner than you. Since he is an older child, perhaps he needs this extra know I am pulling this out of the air!!! But it is the first thing that comes to mind. Love you!

Laura Bainbridge said...

Oh Deb,
I am so very sorry for this current delay. I cannot imagine the devastation you are feeling. Please stay strong and know that there are many prayers coming your way to keep your spirits high.
Stay strong. You can do this!
Much love,

Marty said...

Try looking forward to where your family will be celebrating Christmas their beautiful, peaceful, home with their loving Mother and Father and plentiful friends. I can't wait to read your blog then!!! Loving you, Marty

mum said...

Jeff and Deb, I jus want you to know that all of you are in my prayers. I am one of Josh and Torries friends. I was telling them about my niece and nephew that are in Addiss adopting their little guy this week and they shared with me about your situation and I want you to we are praying!!!!! Sarah

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