Wednesday, January 18, 2012



The birthparent embassy interview was scheduled for today.  I re-met the birth mom and sister today.  Twice.  That is another story in itself.  However, knowing that they were HERE in Addis Ababa built my encouragement that this stage of the adoption just might go without a hitch!


I came back to the Guest House to an email from US embassy stating that our agency failed to bring the birth mom to her interview because she lost her identification.  Turns out, there was a miscommunication, as US Embassy never communicated to AWAA that they could bring her without her ID!


Our agency requested a reschedule for tomorrow or Monday (embassy is closed again for another holiday Thurs afternoon and all Friday).  This request was denied.  The final email stated that the interview would be rescheduled for JANUARY 30th!!!  TWO MORE WEEKS AWAY!!!!!

I will be honest.  I threw a huge crying fit.  I questioned why God would allow every.single.stage.of.this.adoption. to be difficult and prolonged.  I questioned where God was in this.  I questioned "why are you forgetting me!?"

I was in a bad place.

Amidst my "fit" God was busy carrying out His plan.  An hour after I talked with in-country staff and Jeff spoke with our coordinator State Side, I received an amazing phone call.

The in-country embassy rep was calling me to tell me that AWAA had made arrangements to obtain the birth mom's identification by tomorrow morning.  He then proceeded to tell me that there was another family from another agency that could not make their appointment and that our birthparent interview was going to be TOMORROW!!!!  I was floored.  Shocked.  So much so that I asked Muli to repeat himself, and still asked for clarification like three more times!

I am cautiously hopeful that this interview will actually take place TOMORROW instead of two weeks from now!!!  I am not confident if this interview slot is "stand by" or a real slot.  I think I am letting my doubt and fear sneak in.

Either way.  My understanding is that God is pulling off a HUGE ~ HUGE ~ HUGE! miracle tomorrow!

I feel like I am always asking for prayer, but I am confident it is these prayers that God is hearing!  Please join us in praying for this interview to happen!  And for our family to receive embassy CLEARANCE tomorrow!  What a BLESSING in itself!  But to happen after being told it wouldn't for another couple of WEEKS..........this is nothing short of a GOD MIRACLE!!!!!

Praising Him as I lay my head on my pillow tonight.

Thanking Him for each of our family and friends who are praying for us!  And thanking Him for hearing all of our prayers and blessing our family with His miracle!

I will keep you posted as to whether this interview occurs and if we clear!!!!!


martysosa said...

Wow! What an emotional rollercoaster! Am following you closely, dear one. B.L.E.S.S.Y.O.U.R.H.E.A.R.T. Is it possible God is working this way to bring BOTH your boys home at the same time???? Or do you HAVE to leave S again, like you did K, for the usual process?

Also, please describe your living quarters while you are there. And is K living with you there?

Love, Marty

krissy said...

OH DEBBIE!!! I'm cautiously excited with you! We are praying!!!! May the God who longs to rise and be gracious to you, your husband and your boys reveal His heart for you and may your heart continue to stay soft and honest before Him. All our love and prayers - Krissy Fulton

Lari said...

Will be praying Debb! Hoping you can get home with both boys soon! Praying for a short wait for S if there is one!

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