Sunday, November 27, 2011

VIDEO ~ Our Journey to Kaleab

Wow.  What a journey this has been!  And what an amazing story it is!!!  
God's handprints are seen all over our family adoption story!

So much so, that we made this video to capture it all up to this point!  I say we, but really, I only helped pick out pictures and wording....Jeff did ALL the techy stuff!!!   THANK YOU, DADDY, for giving us such a precious way to remember our journey forever!!!!

We are so blessed to walk this road with so many loving and prayerful friends and family members!  We are excited to share this video with each one of you!!!!

Please scroll down to the bottom of the blog ~ hit pause button to shut off music ~ then come back up here and press play button on our video.  


mini and brother said...

I just cried my eyes out!! I can't wait for you to bring your boys home!! Beautiful video!!!

Karen said...

Jay and I just watched your video! BEAUTIFUL!! We are both so happy for you and Jeff! Can't wait for you to have both of your boys home! love, Karen Wistrom

erica said...


candice said...

Wow! I loved it!!! So precious- especially all of the video parts! Your husband did a fantastic job!

Waiting (not-so) patiently to hear news about our court date that is happening right now... and hoping to be able to share the news soon!

jkseevers said...

love love love it!!!!! Love you guys! Soo excited to see you bring your boys home VERY SOON!


Rescued via Grace said...

What a beautiful video! CANNOT wait to see the next installment! Keeping you all in prayer and SO happy for you!! Glory to our awesome God!!


Alison said...

Bawling crying!!! That is the most precious thing ever! He is adorable! And your journey to him and his big brother is so beautiful...God's hand is leading it so perfectly!!!

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