Friday, November 25, 2011

A Day of Thanksgiving!

Now, our God, we give you thanks, 
and praise your Glorious Name"  1 Chron 29:13

I don't want to go to bed tonight.  Guess I don't want this glorious day to come to an end.  The Joy and Celebration of today ~ and the Thankfulness ~ will carry on into each new day.  Scroll down a post if you missed the REFERRAL POST earlier today!

Thanking God for making Kaleab officially our son today.  And for making every day a great day.  Even the days our boys are not home.  Yet.  {I must remember this!}

GREAT things are so worth it.  Even when it gets a little hard.

Feeling my Joy and my Strength revived!

THANK YOU, LORD, for a most glorious Thanksgiving Day 2011.  So looking forward to future ones as well ~ with our boys!!!!  {sigh with a smile}

Thank you for bringing us both Kaleab and "Big Brother."  We are blessed beyond our wildest imaginations!!!!

And Thank you, LORD, for ALL of the love and prayers covering our family.  Our friends and family astound us!

I Praise God for our sonS and cannot WAIT to have them both HOME!

For now......I'm going to go crawl into bed with my honey and count my blessings once again today......

Good night sweet boys!!!!  God has YOU!!!  Mommy and Daddy carry you both in our hearts and can't wait to see you again and bring you both home very, very soon!

SWEET DREAMS, WORLD......I know I'm sure gonna have them!  {BIG SMILE}


Meleah said...

Is there a chance that you can bring Kaleab home by Christmas or do they just pick a date and tell you when to show up? So excited for you!

Angi: Tim Cooper said...

WE ARE SO HAPPY FOR YOU! We are PRAISING GOD for this beautiful son HE has given you and we continue to pray for your older a son to get a court date and pass quickly so you may be united together as a happy family of 4 :) Love watching your journey Debb and the credit you give to our Lord and King for all HE is doing. You are a faithful servant and I am grateful to have come to "know" you. Hugs, Angi Cooper (signing praises for our referral 11/17) :)

Alison said...

LOVE that picture of ya'll!!! Rejoicing with ya, sweet friend!!!

Debb said...

Meleah ~ THANK YOU! We are PRAYING Kaleab is home by Christmas, or that we are in ET with BOTH boys for Christmas! Hoping to hear any day of a CD for "Big Brother!"

Angi~ CONGRATS again on your sweet baby girl referral!!! So excited for you! So happy to be traveling this journey with each other!!!!

Alison ~ THANK YOU, dear friend! We have walked hand-in-hand from nearly the beginning! THANK YOU for sharing in our JOY!!! Can't wait to see Caroline Falth's pretty face! :)

April D said...

This is the best Thanksgiving news EVER! Congrats Deb. You are GLOWING in this picture. :) :) :)

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