Wednesday, November 23, 2011



Tomorrow is THANKSGIVING, and although we already have TWO extra-SPECIAL blessings to be Thankful for this year, we are praying for another reason to be Thankful!!!  Our second court date for Baby "K" is November 24th!  That's right!  Tonight, while we rest our heads on our pillows, the Ethiopian judge will be re-assessing our case!  PRAYING that our Mowcya APPROVAL letter is already written and its place, and that we hear the words tomorrow, "HE IS YOURS FOREVER!"

Our sweet coordinator, Kristen, promised to call us from her cell phone, since the office is closed the remainder of the week.  That saves us having to wait to hear ~ either way ~ another four days!!!  THANK YOU, Kristen, for knowing how hard this extended wait has been and how MUCH it would mean to us to hear on THE day......THANKSGIVING DAY!!!!!

THANK YOU for joining us in storming the heavens with fervent prayers that we hear awesome news tomorrow!  The long-awaited news that our Baby "K" is not just OURS in our hearts, but in the eyes of the Ethiopian Law as well!!!!!

Gosh........I don't anticipate sleeping a wink tonight!  That's okay!  All-night prayer can only be a GOOD thing!!!!!!  May God fill the ache in our hearts TONIGHT!!!!!

Stephanie and Arnold were a couple that we met when we were in Ethiopia.  They were meeting their baby boy and shared the July 21, 2011 Court Date with us.  They did not get caught up in the court closures, but they did get held up on the embassy side of things.  They just got home with their son!

Stephanie's email update from ET let me know that our Baby "K" is CRAWLING on his hand and knees!!!  She described him as "so adorable" and "sweet" and she said that he was so happy when in his crib and with his bear that we sent over to him!!!!  {he IS still that happy soul that exudes joy and peace, after all!  I was worried, as the last three sets of pics we received he wasn't smiling in any of them....NOT typical for our sweet baby}

Stephanie went on to say that they visited Big Brother and told him, via translation from our dear friend in ET, Jonas, that we love him and cannot WAIT to bring him home!  When they asked Big Brother if he wanted to send a message home to us, he said yes, tell them "I LOVE THEM."  Stephanie said Big Brother is such a sweet boy and was so happy to have pictures taken of him knowing that they would be sending the photos to us!

My sleep has been restless lately, with my heart in Africa.  Needless to say, I slept MUCH more soundly Friday night, after reading Stephanie's email!

And now, tonight, another restless night ~ FILLED with faith-filled prayers from all over the world, on behalf of our sweet baby boy!!!!  THANK YOU for joining us in storming the heavens with prayers!!!



erica said...

I hope you receive wonderful news tomorrow, and that you have the best Thanksgiving EVER!!!!! :)

Mandie said...

Praying for wonderful news in the morning. Sweet dreams friend!

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