Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Next Step.....

We just received our travel/embassy e-mail today.  

The next step in bringing Kaleab HOME is getting our case submitted to the US Embassy.  They say that it usually takes 2-5 weeks to be submitted ~ time needed to gather passports, court decrees, birth certificates, MOWCYA letter etc.  The recent trend for families is around 4 weeks.  

Once submitted, Embassy has 10 days to review our case and declare: 1) our case approvable and invite us over to bring him HOME; or (2) determine they need more information, resulting in further delays -UGH!!!!

Please pray for all of these details!  Please pray for a December CLEARANCE!!!  This is a bold request and will require a God miracle ~ but our God IS a God of miracles!!!!!   Please pray that God covers our case with favor, and that divine efficiency and timeliness dominate this FINAL STAGE of BRINGING. KALEAB. HOME!!!!!


ashley said...

He is seriously ADORABLE, Debb!! LOVE those eyes! Can't wait to see pics of Big Brother...so amazing to see God blessing your family as you have waited faithfully for Him to piece this all together. Just beautiful! Next Christmas you will hopefully have two precious sons HOME with you...so exciting!

April D said...

OH - those big Ethiopian eyes. I love them. He's so sweet. Praying with it. Last year this time, we were submitting the same requests. I remember well. :)

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