Saturday, September 17, 2011


What have we been up to during the Court Closures????

Labor Day was Yellowstone (pictures to come) but about two weekends after returning from Ethiopia/Germany, we went to WALLOWA LAKE with Jason, Karie and their two kiddos Felix and Isabella.  Allow me to share the weekend with you via pictures......

 Firepit.  Kind of a cool pic. 

Enjoying the fire with Isabella while chatting it up with Karie.

Beautiful hike.

 Happy Girl on the hike.  
(World's largest tongue!)

 Kids made their own teeter totter at the beach.

Jeff's turn.

 Karie helping Felix build a damn.

Now THAT's relaxed!

 Family at the beach minus one......

 Dutch Oven dinner.  Enchiladas.  YUM!
THANKS, Jason!

 nap time.  hike wore them out. 

silly kids...

Good times.  Good fun.  Good friends.

{WALLOWA LAKE is the place we have made plans to meet annually with Angela and Darin, once we all have our kiddos home!!!   First annual event should be next summer, Ditchens!!!!!}


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