Friday, September 16, 2011

He is WELL!

My heart sank when I saw an email in my inbox titled...........
"K***** Health Update".......

Every time and any time I have received an email with that title, it has been to inform us that our sweet baby boy is sick.  He has battled multiple upper respiratory infections, several ear infections as well as conjunctivitis.

It is so sad to think of how many bouts Baby K as had with these illnesses!  And to think of how many doses of antibiotics he has had to be on.  Ugh.  But hey ~ when you need 'em, you need 'em, right!!?? Just would have liked him to get his antibiotics here, in the US, in hopes that maybe he wouldn't have needed quite so many doses.

Well, we are THANKFUL to our AWAA doctors who are taking such good care of our son and are grateful that they even have access to such antibiotics to help make him well each time!

Back to the September 7th email.......

I opened it up, anticipating another ear infection or upper respiratory infection, or worse.....only to see these sweet words,  "Today our in-country staff reported that K****** is healthy and in good condition.  I just wanted to let you know."

THANK YOU, GOD!!!  For getting our son healthy and helping him to stay healthy!
THANK YOU, PHYSICIANS!!!  For tending to our Baby "K" so thoroughly and wonderfully!
THANK YOU, CAITLIN (our family coordinator)!!!  For caring enough to let us know that we had a week with GOOD news of his health!!!!  

Caitlin usually only sends an email to update us of sickness ~ and then another one when he is healthy again.  We received the email telling us he had overcome his URI and ear infection the week before.  THIS email was just to give us peace of mind that he was STILL healthy!  I SO needed that ray of sunshine in my week!  God knew that I needed that, and Caitlin followed His prompting!  What a sweet blessing!

Oh, what it does to our hearts to know that he is HEALTHY!!!  
We did not get any email this week.......which means he is STILL healthy!

THANK YOU to each and every one of you who continue to pray for our sweet son!!!!  YOU are helping to keep him healthy through the POWER of prayer!!!!

And we cannot THANK YOU enough!!!!

Stay STRONG, our sweet Baby "K!"  

Lord, we praise you for watching over our baby.  For loving, protecting and providing for our son.  We ask you, Lord, to continue to orchestrate the details to get this decree from the orphanage to MOWCYA; to help it result in an approval letter; and that you then guide the approval letter straight into the judge's hands.  Without delay.  We pray this all happens before the courts re-open.  We KNOW you can make this happen, and pray it is Your will!              AMEN.


Loving the Adventure said...

What great news!! Can't wait to hear news of your approval letter!! : )

Christina said...

That is great news!! I totally have a guess of what "K" stands for ;) Can't wait to see if I'm right!

The Brannan Brief! said...

Great news, and you're right! It's so nice of Caitlin to let you know good news. That feels good!

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