Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Small ~ but GREAT ~ Step Forward!!!

This picture pretty much describes how I am feeling right now!

Although not a final step, it is a BIG STEP, nonetheless!!!

After crying several days in a row and feeling totally and utterly depleted; "wait meter" on empty; desperate for some sort of progress toward bringing our son home...........

We received word today that, although the document is not yet in the hands of AWAA, the orphanage has informed AWAA that the clearance decree is complete and on it's way to our agency!

Kristen says they should literally receive the ever-needed clearance decree ANY DAY!!!!

AWAA will then immediately provide this to MOWCYA, who had requested it six plus weeks ago, and we will be "in line" for MOWCYA to re-assess our case.........and prayerfully write us that long-awaited letter of APPROVAL!

Once MOWCYA writes an approval letter, our case will then be brought before the judge once the courts re-open.  Word is that the courts should re-open early October (depending on the rainy weather).

If you recall, the judge already approved our case and stated she just needed the approval letter from MOWCYA.  Therefore, we are praying, PRAYING, P-R-A-Y-I-N-G that once MOWCYA receives this document, they will be able to write us that letter!!!!

Although we have no real timeline, we are breathing easier just knowing that the needed document is on its way to AWAA!  The ball is F-I-N-A-L-L-Y rolling!!!!!!!

After so many weeks of no progress, this news has significantly lightened my heart and refueled my source of hope!  THANK YOU, GOD!!!  You heard my cry!  I felt as though I could not endure even one more day without some sign of forward movement..........and you provided!!!!!

Trusting that our Heavenly Father is STILL IN CONTROL and that He is holding our sweet son in his arms every moment.  May He protect this document and its delivery to our agency.  May He guide its placement in the MOWCYA office.  May it be His will to push our case through with efficiency and ease!  May He protect and provide for all of us who got caught in the closures as well as for the others in various stages of their adoption!

May our BABY "K" officially become OUR SON soon upon the courts re-openning!  

Please God, PLEASE!!!!!


*Overflowing* said...

Continuing to pray precious friend!!! HUGS!!!

Loving the Adventure said...

great, great news!!! so excited to hear this!!!

The Brannan Brief! said...

Praise God! This is great, Debb. I'm praying that letter is written and you pass as soon as the judge sees your file. Love y'all!

April D said...

Yes and AMEN!

Tausha said...

So excited to hear that you are one step closer!! Praying that God will hold up your heart in the wait and that the rest of the steps go so incredibly smooth! Hope to meet up with you sometime soon!

Anonymous said...

SO happy that you received some great news! I think this is a BIG step and you should have every reason to rejoice and celebrate.


Elle J said...

Exciting!!! You have been so patient, Debb - I know you could not "do anything" about it, but you had a choice in attitude....and I think you made the right choice. =) Well done and praying for speedy paperwork.

Darcee said...

Ooooooooooooh I LOVE to hear any bit of GOOD news during your WAIT to bring your sweet SON HOME!!! I'm thinking about you and PRAYING for MOWA to write up that letter for you, for the courts to re-open early than anticipated and for you to receive clearance ASAP and RUN to bring little K HOME!!!


Christina said...

Super Great News!!

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