Friday, September 30, 2011

A legend of love.

Okay, so I was waiting to post this so I could include pics, but we just had a flood in our basement (due to a broken water heater) and I don't want to wait any longer.  So, here is an update on us without pics!  :)

Jeff and I made it home late Sunday night from Scottsdale, AZ.  We spent an extended weekend there, where we had a memorial for Papa, Jeff's grandfather (who passed away on Father's Day this year).

It was a good weekend of family and friends sharing in sweet memories of Papa.  We are amazed at how MANY lives one man can touch in such a positive way.  People from all over travelled to share in this time of celebrating the life of Papa.

What an inspiration.

Papa loved many openly.  He blessed many naturally.  He encouraged many genuinely.  He inspired many to do things beyond their belief in themselves.  He lived life fully.  He held back nothing, and went forth with such enthusiasm and passion ~ and passed this passion on to so many others.

His love for Grama was so complete.  All who knew him quickly knew how very much he adored his bride.  She was his diamond.  His jewel.  And he took care to make sure she knew it.  Daily.  They would even race to the calendar each morning, to see who could be the first one to write the other a love note on the day's date.  This,  after 63 years of marriage.

Their love has inspired many.  Including my sweet, precious husband.  Jeff carries on this legend of love, demonstrated by both of his now deceased grandfathers.  He also has his parents' example of true, unconditional, unguarded and genuine love..........

And I am the blessed recipient of Jeff's amazing love.  The beautiful generational examples that have so inspired Jeff, have now resulted in our own wonderful marriage.  What a precious gift from them to Jeff.  And from Jeff to me.  And it is my hope and intent, from me to Jeff.

We love you, Papa.  
Your legend of love carries on.
May you rest in peace.


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