Sunday, May 29, 2011


On this Memorial Day Weekend, I thought it would be good for us to remember........and give THANKS...........

(scroll to bottom of blog; "pause" the music player; scroll back to video and hit play)

So many people give, and have given, so much ~ so that each one of us can live this life of freedom, liberty and justice. I try not to take it for granted, but every time I watch a war movie, or discuss with a patient/friend/relative their involvement in a war......I am quickly reminded that the freedom in which we live, was not free. It came at a price. A costly price to many. To many who never knew me. Never even saw my face. But fought for me just the same.

I worry for the upcoming generations.........of their love for our God and country.  Do they love deeply enough to lay down their life for it?!?!?.............

I thank each and every person who has ever given of themselves ~ their time with family; their freedom to live in the luxury of our amazing country; or greater yet, those who have given their life.  May not one of you go unrecognized or unremembered.

May we all realize and remember, today ~ and every day! ~ the priceless gift these people have given us.


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