Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Days After......

Although I cannot share our son's name with you, yet........and I cannot publicy share pictures of his sweet face with you, yet.......I can share the days following that Amazing and Life-changing call with you!

So once family was notified on Thursday, I moved on to sharing with a couple friends (it was getting pretty late by then).  Dear, Sweet Lisa wanted to come right over to share in the excitement with me!  She brought with her a sweet ballon and flower that said, "BABY BOY!" and "IT'S A BOY!"  They were wrapped around a bottle of champagne................which we immediately popped open to celebrate!  We were bummed that "Honey" couldn't be there to join in the celebration, as he (Jeff) was in Philadelphia, if you remember.  THANKS for being so excited, Lis!
Overjoyed "It's a Boy!" was celebrating OUR SON!!!

Everyone was so ELATED to hear the news throughout the weekend!!!!!  Little man, you have been prayed for by SO MANY MANY PRECIOUS PEOPLE!!!!!!  And they are all joining us in praying you HOME!!!!!

We were overwhelmed in a beautiful way by all the Joy, Love, Excitement, Celebratory wishes on Facebook, and Happy Comments here on the blog!  We were so surrounded by LOVE and we FELT it!!!!  Still do!!!!  Please know that each and every one of you ~ family, friends (both old and new) ~ enrich our lives, and we are so excited to have our son grow up knowing such amazing people!!!!!!

Friday night, the day after "meeting our son," was our first ever Girl's BUNCO night!  A few sweet friends asked if I wanted to cancel, as it was going to be at my house.  I just responded giddily (is that even a word.....giddily...?),  "Sure!  I can still host it!  But I was sick yesterday, and since getting to see my son's face, I have done NOTHING toward getting ready to host a BUNCO party, so we'll see how this goes!"  My friends were great about it, and I did manage to pull off making a lasagna that day.  That's about it, though!  I was just having too much FUN Friday chatting it up with friends and family about our little bitty baby!!!!!  Thank goodness I had bought the BUNCO prizes the previous weekend!

BUNCO ROCKED!!!  It was such a treat to share the evening with eleven of my sweet, amazing friends!  Krista asked me how I could even concentrate on the game.......and I just pointed out how poorly I was playing!  Ha!  "I don't mind," I proudly stated, "I have the best prize of the night ~ the day! ~ the YEAR! .......OUR SON!!!!!!!!!"  {giggles and grins}.

Caycee and Allison gave me a few gifts to help all the Amazing Goodness seem real, and sink in a bit.  They brought me a sweet baby boy blanket, and INeSSCENTS African Shea Butter (great for diaper rash, chapped lips, dry skin).  How sweet are they!!!!?????!!!!!????
 Allison, me, Caycee.

My dear friend, Erica, came to BUNCO with a sweet Congratulations gift as well...........
me, Erica.
 Can you just see our precious babe in this outfit!!???  

I'd have to say the whole evening was a priceless gift!  As much as I wished I could be with my husband to celebrate, I was surrounded by amazing and precious friends, which made for an epic night!  My house may not have been cleaned to perfection (was feeling better that day but not great); my previously planned Tiramasu dessert never got made (was busy staring at my son's beautiful face and sharing our incredible news that day!).........

..............but my heart was overflowing.........

At one point in the night I stared into my son's picture and THANKED GOD (again) for him.  I then scanned the beautiful women surrounding me, and again THANKED GOD!  THANKS, girls, for a wonderful night of Celebration, Worship, Friendship and FUN!!!!  Looking forward to next month's game!
 Erica, Krista, Andrea (holding Catherine), Allison, Sonia.

 Amber, Caycee.

Sonia and her sweet daughter, Catherine.

Bummer that the pic Connie, Karie and Torrie did not turn out!
Next time, girlies!!!!
(We missed you Terra and Abby!)

Friday night was a late one, so I slept in on Saturday.  I laid their for about an hour having a wonderful chat with Doreen, my step-mom.  We went on and on about our sweet baby ~ how beautifully God orchestrated this family union and how blessed we feel as a family!

This was followed by me sharing the news with my sweet friend, Wendy, who wanted to drop her studying right then and there and come over to share in the JOY!!!!  She even brought me my most fav coffee drink!........a Skinny Milkway from Moxie!!!  Her congratulations card was Perfect!!!!
If you can't see the card, it is a boat full of 
kiddos of different ethnicities!  So sweet!

Well, before I knew it, it was time to go welcome hubby home!  I met him at the airport with the "IT'S A BOY!" flower and "BABY BOY!" balloon Lisa had brought me the night before.  I wanted him to be experiencing the love I had been showered in since he left!

F.I.N.A.L.L.Y we were TOGETHER to celebrate the news of becoming parents!!!!  I cannot explain how complete this made things for me!!!  As much love as I had received over the previous two days, hugging my husband and calling him "Daddy!" filled that empty space in my heart that only my husband could fill!!!!!  

Knowing the face of my son and being in my husbands arms.  Now my heart was whole!




Karen said...

Debb and Jeff - we are so happy for you!!! Just wanted you to know that we have been waiting for this day right along with you. It's true - all the pain and frustration of waiting vanishes the moment you see his face. And now as you progress through this next phase - it will all fade away the instant you hold him in your arms! I believe you will get through court before it closes!!! love, Karen Wistrom

erica said...

So happy for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Blessings to both you and your little guy today! :)

Lari said...

What a wonderful way to celebrate! Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog. Little boys are so special...can't wait to "meet" yours. Have a wonderful week!

Meleah said...

Praise the Lord! I hadn't read the last couple blog posts, which I'm sure you guessed by my e-mail this morning:) Congrats on the little boy. Will be praying you get to bring him home really soon. LOVE the little monkey outfit! A friend of mine was wanting to order a sweatshirt and I was still looking to order the brown one with pink lettering. Will you still be putting in orders or are you finished with fundraising? Just thought I'd ask. Take care and God bless.

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