Tuesday, April 19, 2011


This post is filled with PRAISE!..........but first, please let me be a bit vulnerable with you..........

Okay.  I'll be honest.  I have been trying VERY HARD to keep my eyes on God these last few days.  I've been trying to get my smile to be a GENUINE.FROM.DEEP.IN.MY.HEART. kind of smile.  I've been trying to "wait with a purpose."  I've been trying to encourage others ~ is it ever easier for you to totally BELIEVE for others more than for yourself?!?  Neat how God blesses my heart when I try to bless others..........

But, if I'm being honest...........it has been a bit h.a.r.d. these last couple of days.  

I'm glad to have the friends we have, filling my weekends and evenings with joy and genuine friendship.  I'm thankful that I love being a physical therapist and each one of my patients blesses me.  I'm grateful for the encouraging notes, voicemails, facebook posts, etc, that so many of you leave me!  You.keep.me.going!!!!!!

Being in the #1 spot for an infant healthy boy is such a privilege, and I wouldn't give it up for anything! ~ except of course, for our referral!  {wink!}

But I never dreamed it would also be hard!  I watch my phone much more often.  I awaken each morning ~ not only thinking of and praying for our babe(s), but now, also wondering if TODAY is THE day that we get to meet him or them!

As one dear blog friend made the analogy one time before, it is like standing at the stove waiting for water to boil.  Funny how it never seems to boil when we stand there impatiently awaiting the bubbles, but as soon as we turn our back, it BOILS!  I just need to "turn my back" and distract myself with other things, but that is WAY easier said than done!!!!!

Well, I have some GREAT PRAISE NEWS to lift anyone's spirits!  I know coming home yesterday (Monday) to such wonderful movement in our agency has definitely lightened my heart!!!!

What happened yesterday?

1.  Our sweet and precious friends, Tara and Brad Mowen PASSED COURT!!!!  Their adorable son, Jacob, is theirs FOREVER!!!!!  Tara is staying there until it is time to bring him home.  She is the precious soul who gave me the idea to send her off to ET with a signed photo consent from us so she can start clicking pics THE DAY of our referral!  SO HAPPY FOR THEM!  HE IS SO CUTE!!!!!  Go watch their Meetcha Day Video!

2.  A very sweet and precious set of brothers was on the Waiting Child List (older kiddos) and they were "known" by many of us as we prayed for them to be brought to their family...............and they were!......yesterday!!!!!!!  Praise God!

3.  Cimbrey and Mark got THE CALL for their 17 month old son yesterday too!!!!!  SOOOO EXCITING!!!!!  I got to hang with Cimbrey at the adoptive momma retreat and she is going to be such a precious momma!!!!!

4.  The Druckenmiller family received clearance and they will be returning HOME with their sons this weekend!!!!  (they have been living in ET since their court date, and the pics of their boys are sooooo adorable!)

5.  The Dixon family received their Court Date to meet their little girl for May 30th!

6.  AND......another sweet set of brothers on the Waiting Child List is under review!!!!!  PRAYING that it is their family who is reviewing their file and that these sweet boys are close to having a mommy and daddy!!!!!!!

7.  The Davidson family got cleared for Embassy (after a very LOOOONG extended wait for this!) today!  Go, God!

Okay, so our Pastor always loves it when his sermons have SEVEN point ~ afterall, it is a divine number isn't it?  {wink!}

SO FILLED WITH PRAISE TO GOD TODAY!!!!!!  Each one of these are reasons for praise, but I also have to praise Him for using ALL THIS GREAT NEWS to breathe a refreshened hope in my heart.  Jeff and I ARE close to meeting our son or children!  We WILL be a mommy and daddy one day soon!  All of this movement reminds me that it is not only okay to bask in the JOY, EXCITEMENT and HOPE again! ~ but God WANTS us to walk in this Joy, Excitement and Hope of all He is doing on our behalf!

We THANK YOU, GOD for all that You is doing to orchestrate the details ~ even as I write this!

Man, I just HAVE to share a precious email a dear friend sent me yesterday too ~ yes, the SAME day as all of this great movement!  Her timing could not have been more perfect!!!!!  I'll save that for my next post.  

For now, PRAISE GOD for all He is doing to bring these families together!!!!!  And, if you would, please continue to pray for our child or children ~ and pray specifically that we might get to "meet" our child or children and PASS COURT.....BEFORE the Courts close for two months (usually in Aug and Sept)!

May you all have started your week off as good as we just did!!!!!


MamaMimi said...

I FEEL the pain in your words Debb because it feels like just YESTERDAY I was there. Given, it was for a very short while... Why is it SO hard....when it is so painful like that...to keep your eyes on HIM. Why do you just want to bury yourself in a numb stupor and forget EVERYTHING when you should be leaning on Him more than EVER?!? Even though you know with your heart and soul that you should be RUNNING to Him during times like that, it is so. so. hard. And you are sick of hurting. Praying for you and for that precious child(ren) God has in store for you!!! Sincerely looking forward to that "WE GOT THE CALL!" post =)

Christie said...

I know how you are feeling...on Oct 6th, 2009 we found out that we were #2 on the waitlist with our agency. I have to admit I was completely bummed because I thought we were sitting at #1. I was looking at my phone every two seconds, jumping when the phone rang (and secretly being mad at the person who called me - because they werent my agency calling), I felt like my mind was mush :) I was so ready for the call. That night and the next morning I completely gave it all to God. I told God I wasnt checking my email, I wasnt going to look at my phone, I wasnt going to stalk blogs :), and I wasnt going to look at our agencies listserv every two minutes. I told Him that is was all his...around 11:45 on Oct 7th, 2009 I got a call from our agency. I thought she was just checking in with me because the night before I got the email that we were #2. I was on a walk with the kids and she said she had a baby boy she wanted to talk to me about! I could not believe it. I call that no coincidence. The details of our process and your process are totally and completely in Gods hands. I know its so hard waiting to know your baby. Soak up this time of anticipation because it goes by so quickly. its hard to believe that we have been home with Zek for 16 months already. praying for your we got the call blog post! it will come no sooner or later than when Gods intends :)

The Davidsons said...

You have been a remarkable encouragement to me and so many others!! The waiting is so...so...hard and each day that passes feels a little crushing. I know! Then suddenly, the waiting is over :) I pray your "suddenly" is right around the corner.


Jessica said...

Blog lurker here!

I just wanted to thank you for all of your posts about the conference. The information and links you provided were great. I'd been thinking on and off about getting Dr. Purvis' book and your post about her directly resulted in me finally purchasing it.

I'm on pins and needles (though, certainly not the same way you are) to find that you've finally seen your children. While I loved the conference updates, I must admit that with the frequent updates I kept hoping that the new post would be the referral post.

That said, I know that everything is happening in God's time. He's doing what He needs to do to ensure that the child(ren) that need you are referred to you. Hopefully your friend was right and "God's time" will coincide with a Holy Week referral!

Alison said...

Prayed for ya'll this morning, Debb!!! SO excited for ya'll! Can't even imagine what it must feel like to be sitting at #1!!! :)

Josh, Candace and Cole said...

Oh Debb, I love this! This whole thing is NOT EASY, especially when you're right on the cusp of something amazingly great! I love the turning your back on the boiling water analogy -- sooo so true. Thanks for the reminder. We are praying for you and cannot WAIT to hear that you got your referral call! Love ya!

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