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Last night God laid upon my heart to pray, pray, PRAY for an important meeting (that I will expand upon in a second......after I share ALL the GREAT movement news first!); for various family needs in our Yahoo Group; and for our child or children as well as all of the other kiddos awaiting their families.

That's quite a list!  Let's just say it took SEVERAL awakenings and fervent prayer last night.  You know the feeling that you fell asleep praying and wake up still praying?  Yeah, that happened quite a few times to me last night.

....And today we got to watch God move BIG on SO MANY LEVELS!!!!  He is so faithful!!!

There were NINE (yes ~ you read that right!....NINE!) families who received COURT DATES today!  Most of them are for April 5th!  What a big day that will be for AWAA!  SOOOO EXCITING  to think of these families meeting their children and hopefully passing court together!  I can't stop smiling!

That's not all, folks!...................another family was cleared for embassy!  This is a huge milestone, as they have endured delay after delay to get this clearance!  Well, they received it today, and will be traveling this weekend to bring home their son! Yay!

Oh, and I'm not quite done YET!

There was also a referral for a 6 1/2 mos old boy today too!  Can you believe it!  I told you, CRAZY MOVEMENT TODAY!  GO, GOD!!!!

Now, I must tell you that this precious boy referral does NOT move us up on the infant boy list, as they were on a different list and changed their request last minute, resulting in an infant boy referral.  That does not, however, take away from the JOY of knowing another family is staring into the very face of THEIR SON today!!!!!

It IS going to happen for Jeff and me!  My excitement is renewed!  THANK YOU, GOD for all you are doing to orchestrate our own divine union with our little one(s)!!!!!  May we be looking into the face of our babe(s) very, VERY SOON!!!!  {giddy giggle inserted here}

Now, onto that important meeting I have been praying about..........

About a week ago one of the caseworkers from our agency requested, on behalf of AWAA, that we pray for an upcoming visit in Ethiopia (ET).  Several officials from the southern region of ET would be traveling to Addis and would be visiting our transition home ~ meeting our staff and observing the work done there as well as the children.  This visit could have a very positive impact on adoption in that area!  She requested prayer for each official visiting, as well as for the staff as they interact with these officials.

Well, this meeting was to be taking place while we slept last night.  Thus, the multiple awakenings to pray last night!  However, now these officials will be visiting our transition home as we sleep TONIGHT instead!  This just gives us 24 more hours to cover the meeting in prayer!


One particular official who will be visiting carries a lot of clout.  We are praying that God will break this man's heart for the orphan!  May his heart become so consumed with love for these children that it literally transforms him and his work!  There are so MANY orphans from this southern region (Sidama), and a visit such as this could have a big and positive impact for all the precious kiddos without families!

Dear Lord,

We PRAISE you and THANK you for ALL the great movement in our agency family today!  So many families taking another step closer to their child or children!  You are so GOOD!  It blesses me to see that although things oftentimes seem quiet, as of late, you are still moving all of us toward our children!  THANK YOU for all you are doing to bring us to our own little one(s) as well!  {dab a tear}

This upcoming meeting at our transition house is so covered in prayer!  May you use it to transform this man's heart.  May this meeting result in a huge step in a very POSITIVE direction toward adoption of children from Sidama!  This meeting could impact adoption on multiple levels.  May your will be done tonight as we sleep!

We lift this meeting up to you.  We lay it at your feet.  We praise you in advance for how you will use it for GOOD and the accomplishment of your will!  You love those precious orphans and have them tucked under your wing.  Thank you for protecting them!

Thank you for your AWESOME demonstration of your faithfulness today via so many families!  And Thank You, Lord, for the sweet email from Tara who said she would LOVE to be able to take a care package to our kiddo(s) when they travel.  So very thoughtful of her, amidst her jubilation!  Another love note from you, I believe!  And a sweet reminder to "hang on" as you work out the details of our referral too.

As we all sleep tonight, may you know our hearts are full of prayer.  May your will be done.  And your POWER seen.                                                                                     AMEN.


erica said...

Such exciting news - Yay!!!! :)

HouseofHerwehes said...

You are such a mighty prayer warrior for so many families, and I am blessed to be included!!! Thank you for all the prayers! Know that I am praying for you, too. I cannot wait to hear of your referral(s)!!!!

Mandie M. said...

:) so happy that things are moving!! Praise God!

Abby said...

Amen!!! Hope that meeting goes well. Yay for all the movement. You are SOOOO close to seing your child(rens) face(s).

Brad and Tara said...

I love how faithful and positive you are! You choose to see God in all the little things!!! Love it!!!
Still Praying,

Rescued via Grace said...

Hey, Deb!
I have been out of town and crazy busy, but I keep checking your blog to find out what's on your heart. You have been such an encouragement! We are praying with/for you!


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