Sunday, January 23, 2011


Don't you LOVE it when God meets you

Okay, so I would be lying if I said the projected increased waiting did not devastate my momma heart.  I would not be truthful if I lead you to believe that no doubt or unbelief ever entered my heart when I read the email notifying us of this lengthened wait period.  A lot of "yucky talk" came out of my mouth at first.  Words of doubt.  Unbelief (or at least questioning of God's desire for good in my life).

Thankfully, I have a wonderful husband who pointed out the "yucky talk" that I was saying.  Thankfully, we have a Heavenly Father that understands when we are trying SO HARD to cling to Him, His plan and His timing ~ when it seems so different from our own.

Thankfully, God met me.  Right. Where. I. Was.  In a heap of tears.  Full of doubt.  Full of angst at the thought of waiting possibly TWO MORE MONTHS before laying eyes on our little babe(s).  He helped chase away the "yucky talk" and replaced it with His truth.  Thus, my last post.  

This morning, I found myself better able to breathe.  Better able to picture us waiting that long if we have to.  I could better see and feel God's presence.  Well, God didn't stop there.  This morning, before heading out to church, I quickly checked in on my emails.  And I found a sweet post in our Yahoo group, from Allison.


Afterall, don't we ALL find ourselves waiting on God at some point in our lives?  For many of us, the waiting period is now.  May her encouraging words that summarize a book called, "You're Late Again, Lord! The Impatient Woman's Guide to God's Timing", by Karon Phillips Goodman bless and lighten your heart.  It sure did lighten mine, while challenging me to consider how I was going to respond to this lengthened time in our "waiting room!"

*We can renew our spirit and strength while we wait. Isaiah 40:31 - Those who WAIT on the Lord SHALL renew their strength.

*Moving closer to God every day is something you can do in the wait time. "You don't have to wait patiently when you learn to wait purposefully."

*The waiting time can be productive and dynamic. This "waiting room" is here so I can rediscover what I've lost and learn what I need to do. It is there so I can renew my strength and my spirit and move closer to God. 

*"You can't wait purposefully and control the rest of the world at the same time." (I love that!)

*Waiting is not about what is happening on the outside, it is about what is happening on the inside. 

*God has a plan, a blessed syllabus for your life, and it's always charted from the inside out. 

*Each wait should get us closer to God and grow us so we see God better. 

*One of the reasons we are so hopelessly annoyed by the time we spend waiting is because the events are often completely out of our control. We are forced to sideline our plans until someone else completes his. Then we try to seek more control and we can't so we grow more frustrated. The key is surrendering into God's arms and letting Him comfort me from the inside out. 

*GOD'S sufficiency strengthens our spirit. 

*Develop the faith to turn to God FIRST, not last. 

*God wants you to come closer, but you can't do that if you're fighting Him and arguing with Him; if you can't give up the control you think you need. 

GOD blessed me through a few other incidents today as well, which I will save for my next post.  SO MUCH in one day!  THANK YOU, LORD!  However, I want to leave you with this.  The first hour of my day.  May it speak to each of you in your own individual way.  May it help you find God in your "waiting room."  May it challenge you to consider how you will spend extra time in your "waiting room!"  Thank you, Alison, for joining my in the "waiting room" and blessing my day!

Please share with me if you hear God pose a specific way in which you can wait purposefully.............
Have a blessed week, everyone!


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The Grant Family said...

Yeah for God! So glad the encouragement can spread. Love your blog!!
Alison & the Grants

Angela said...

You are such an encourangment! Love it!

Alison said...

So sorry about the increased wait times...waiting is hard, but I know God has plans for all of us in the wait! I want to "wait with purpose" too...some days it's easier than others, but I'm trying! :)

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