Thursday, December 30, 2010

Wrapping Up Christmas!


I've been rather absent on this blog as of late, because of all the FUN we have been having celebrating CHRISTmas! Allow me to "wrap up" our holiday for you.......

I was chatting with Doreen, my step-mom, the weekend before Christmas, while simultaneously shopping. I came across this sweet snowman plate that captured my heart. I thought it was because of the cute snowman on the plate at first, as I LOVE snowmen! I came back to it several times. Finally, the last time I came back to the shelf that held the plate, I realized I was picturing this plate as the plate our children would use for the cookies they would be leaving Santa each year. That did it! The plate HAD to be mine! OURS!
Of course, Doreen was right there to encourage me to make it "ours" in honor of the kiddo(s) we would have HOME with us next year! :o) See, our precious one(s), you were here with us this Christmas from the start!

Jeff and I always add one special ornament each Christmas. This beautiful glass world ornament was last year's purchase from Pottery Barn. Yes, we knew we were going to adopt, but at that time, we did not know we would be pursuing it in a few weeks!
It glistened so pretty again this year, reminding us of where our sweet one(s) are.....

Here's just another photo from this year. I love the sparkle and glow!

I ordered a couple of ornaments this year (couldn't choose just one)! Specifically with our child or children in mind. It simultaneously supported another family's adoption fundraiser, and I was pretty excited to receive the sweet ornaments! They served as yet another way in which we felt our babe(s) presence throughout this Christmas Season.
Notice the lack of luster in these pics?
That's because I took the photos instead of my talented husband.....

Don't they look fabulous on the tree!?!? (I actually purchased another one from the same family, but am saving it for next year, when he/they are HOME!) Thanks, Jewett family! WE LOVE OUR ORNAMENTS! We hope you had MANY purchases!

My Honey and Me.

Dub, Sattie, Jeff and Me!

Our Family....waiting to add one or two more next year!

My dear friend, Maril, who blessed us with her presence this Christmas Eve!

Okay, so there was another "sweet" way in which our child/ren were present with us this year as well. We made our Christmas cut-outs in the shape guessed it! AFRICA! Yes, we even put the red cinnamon dot near the Ethiopia region. The cookie cutter was yet another family's fundraiser and we look SO forward to many more times of making the Africa cut-outs! Sattie was here to help make them with me! Thanks, Sattie!


Recognize the plate?

Lastly, I have to share how Sattie and Dub read my mind. One of my gifts from them was a book on how to make our own baby food! They had no idea I had JUST mentioned finding this VERY book on Williams-Sonoma website! I can't wait to put this book to good use!

Our babe(s) were SO on our minds and in our hearts this Christmas, in a positive and exciting way! We can't wait to share Christmas with them next year ~ in person!

Our Christmas wasn't just about the kiddo(s) God is orchestrating for our family. It was also remembering the greatest gift of all. BABY JESUS. As we hustled and bustled in our Christmas preparations, we made sure to seek Christ in the season.

He wasn't in the shopping. Nor was he in the wrapping of our presents. He was THE REASON for the Season, and we kept our eyes on God's precious gift of salvation and life in abundance here on earth!

May each one of us reflect His love in our daily lives. And may we all let God be our guiding light throughout the New Year!

1 John 1:5, “God is light and in Him there is no darkness at all.”


Ang said...

Awesome plate! I'm so excited for you to use it next Christmas!!! : ) I love the cookies too! I will have to look into getting one of those cookie cutters!! : )

Alison said...

Love the cute Christmas plate! And it looks like ya'll had a great Christmas!! Can't wait to see God's plans for ya'll in 2011!!

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