Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas, My Child!

Scroll to bottom of blog and pause music player. Then click play on this video. Tissues may be needed. Just sayin'.............................

Our Precious Little Babe(s),

It's Christmas Eve. The tree is decorated and looks so pretty. The cookies and goodies are baked. We've added your stockings to the fireplace mantle. Sattie and Dub are here with us. All of our other family (your Gramas', Grandpa, Aunties, Uncles and Cousins) have received their packages of our love and will open them today or tomorrow. Maril is coming over this evening to join us for church and clam chowder.

Such blessings abound.

But you are not yet here.

Our arms ache to hold you, little one(s). This wait has seemed so unbearable these last few weeks. I thought we would at least have a picture of you by Christmas. I thought we would be able to stare into your precious eyes. I thought we would have a face to place inside these dreams we have of you......

Instead, you are halfway around the world this Christmas. HALFWAY AROUND THE WORLD! Amazing how, at times, it can feel as though you are right here with us. I can feel your very presence in my heart. And in my soul. Even in my arms. Almost.

As our hearts ache for you to come home, we have to trust that this world is NOT too big for our God. We trust that God is holding you in His arms. Lavishing you with His love. And. Somehow. Lavishing on you, our love for you as well.

May you carry a special warmth within you this Christmas Eve and Christmas. May you carry within you a special sense of safety, life and love. May you somehow know that it comes from our Heavenly Father, and your Mommy and Daddy. May you also feel the hugs and kisses and love that is flowing across the seas directly to YOU, from all of your other family and friends who cannot wait to welcome you HOME.

You are NOT alone, my little child. You are not alone!

You are SO LOVED by SO MANY! Until you can experience such love in person, may God bless you with it from afar.

Tears roll down Mommy's face as I listen to this song. Partly because I so yearn to hold you this Christmas. And every day thereafter. Partly because it saddens me to picture you so far away. Some of the tears are because I worry if you are getting fed, if you are warm, if you are sick and needing Mommy. But there is one thing that breaks through all of this sadness of not having you home yet..........

And those are tears are for the promise. The guarantee! That our Loving Father is cradling you in His loving arms right now. He has not forgotten you. Or us. He is currently working on the details of bringing you HOME. To Mommy and Daddy. He knows what is needed to accomplish this, and His timing is perfect. Never late (though it feels like it at times). He is watching over you. Protecting you. Loving you.

For those reasons, some of my tears are in JOY.

I also have tears of JOY in thinking of how we hope to see your face within this next month. Tears of joy in thinking of having you here next Christmas! {big grin}

But mostly, these tears of JOY are because of Jesus, the holy child. The real Reason for the Season.

Jesus was born this night. He later died and rose again. BECAUSE OF THIS, we can rest in His promise to never leave you nor forsake you. We can trust in His Divine ability to love and protect you. And bring you HOME. FOREVER. In His perfect time.

May you know and feel our overflowing love for you, our precious one(s). We wish you Merry Christmas!

THANK YOU, LORD, for the birth of Christ. And for the care you are taking of our child or children. AMEN.


erica said...

LOVE the video - beautiful! And yes, now I'm a sloppy, teary mess, but thank you so much for sharing this! Wishing you a very Merry Christmas with your loved ones, and praying that God is loving and caring for our children in Ethiopia today. Blessings! ;)

Abby said...

Your baby can feel your love! Alex just told me this week that when he was in Haiti he could hear me saying dome home. I used to pray he would know we loved him. And God was whispering it to him!! God promises he is especially close to orphans and he is ministering to them in a way only He can!! Hold on to that. I was so hoping you'd get your proposal by now too.....I'm so sorry for this long sorry.

Randee said...

Deb- Thank you for finding my blog and leaving a comment! I have been so blessed to connect with other families "in our shoes" that have walked a similar journey to ours. I am following your blog now and am praying that you receive a referral very soon! Looking at your timeline it looks like we started very close to each other but are two months apart on the waiting list which makes sense since we encountered delays that held up our process by about 2 months. This post is beautiful and speaks so much of what I feel right now when I think of our Ethiopian child we have yet to meet. Bless you and your husband as you wait, hope, pray and soon see the face of your precious child.

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