Monday, September 20, 2010

Women's Retreat Weekend


The end of my week started with me feeling like total CRUM! I was afraid that I was going to miss our church Women's Retreat! My health improved and I was able to go. YAY! And now I see why the enemy was trying to keep me from joining these precious women! IT WAS A FABULOUS WEEKEND!

I was surrounded by very precious souls. I made new friends that I hope will become "old friends" with time. We had wonderful mountains views. We worshipped together.

Bethany and Lindsey were wonderful!

We studied God's word together.....(not sure whose hand this is, but love the picture!)

(Isn't Sarah SO talented with the camera!?
THANKS for all the great pics, Sarah!)

Connie and I laughed together so hard one night, we had tears streaming down our cheeks (and we kept our roomies up, I'm sure! Sorry, Sonia and Terra!) We felt like we were in high school again. Good for our souls!

This year all who wanted to (which was almost everyone!) participated in a Ropes Course. If you haven't done one, and ever get the opportunity.....Go For It! Total BLAST! That's all I have to say! Sums it all right up!

We had team building activities where we had to pass one another through small "web" spaces in what looked like a soccer net. Our group (#7...we called ourselves the divine group!) passed a fake egg around 16 women in 2.6 seconds! Creative passing brought us the fastest time! {smile} We lead, and were lead, blindfolded throughout the forest.

Tricia, Nancy, Sarah and me, as we prepare for our turn at the....

ZIP LINE! My first zip line ever! My scream, as I leaped off the platform high in the sky (climbed a tree to get there), was a release of pure JOY and FREEDOM! Likely the closest I will ever feel to flying!
Yes, that is me!...Spread eagle...Flying FREE!
Look hard, I blend in with the tree, but I'm there!

Immediately following my free-flying on the Zip Line, we headed to the "Cat walk." I can't say I walked as gracefully as a cat, but the experience rocked my socks off!

You climb a tree, get out onto this log that is WAY high in the air (yes, roped in, but that doesn't keep you from feeling woogy!), walk toward one another ~ PASS one another! ~ and continue to make your way to the other tree! Without falling! Schnikers!


It was SO FUN to do this with dear, precious, sweet Nancy, our pastor's wife. Neither one of us wanted to let go of our tree and take those first few steps on the log without something to hold onto.....but we did it!

Such a weekend of being refreshed and revived in God's love! Next post I will share with you how the Cat Walk, and weekend overall, spoke to me. I came home with a couple "life lessons" that I will forever carry with me.

THANK YOU, Lord, for meeting each one of us, in our own individual way, this weekend at Trinity Pines! Your presence amongst us was real. We enjoyed our time with you ~ and with one another!


Sarah said...

You are so cool Deb! If I even would have made it up the tree, I would have probably just stood there and started crying. You are brave! And what an accomplishment physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Angela said...

YAY for women's retreats!
I have been waiting for this post! LOVE the zipline picture. Priceless!
So glad you had a good weekend away!

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