Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The "Unofficial" List

A sweet (and organized) fellow AWAA Yahoo Group member, Leigh Ann, has taken over the tracking of each AWAA family's children requests, referrals, court dates, embassy dates, etc. This list only includes the families who have joined the group as we have no way of tracking families who do not provide their information.

We were put on this "unofficial" list once our Dossier was sent to Ethiopia!

We are number 11 on the siblings under 3 years old list; and number 21 on an infant boy list!

There is no way of knowing which list we will become number one on first, but God knows! He already knows if He is going to bless our family with one or two amazing little angels! Imagine that! He knows WHO, HOW MANY, and WHEN we will get the call letting us in on His Divine secret. Just the thought of that AMAZES me!

We are SO excited! We pray for (and hope you will too) the birth parent(s) who will be making such a selfless decision as to give up their biological child/ren in hopes of a more abundant life for him/them. We will continue to pray for the health of our child or children, and welcome each of you to do the same! Please also pray that God fills their hearts with joy and meets their needs physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. We trust our child or children to you, Lord, the One who can provide far better care for them than we ever could ourselves!

Until Your timing is revealed, we wait. Excitedly, we wait.


Angela said...

I am finding lately that this waiting is tough...BUT I do know our babies will be here before it! OH how great that will be!
The shirts and water bottle cam today! SO COOL!
Thank you!

Alison said...

Yay! So excited to find out which child/children that God has picked out for ya'll!!

Mark and Wendy said...

I think you'll be moving right up that list pretty quick this fall! Praying the wait is short and sweet!

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