Sunday, September 26, 2010



To be honest, this second month did go by a bit slower than our first month. We are, however, rather surprised that another one has gone by. We are still enjoying our weightless feeling of no paperwork for now, and are trying to walk that fine line between living in the freedom of dreaming with expectancy and staying in control of our excitement.

How did we enjoy celebrating another month of being DTE?

Well, we don't have the pictures to show all that we did (we forgot to take the camera, darn it!) but here is a quick rundown. We enjoyed Friday at our friend, Ben's, Luau birthday party, and Saturday we enjoyed tailgating at the Boise State University football game.

They WON on the blue turf......AGAIN!.......72-2 since 1999!

As you know, a couple of weeks ago we starting to put our nursery together. We have a long way to go, but we have the crib and one of the dressers in it! Since starting this room, we have found ourselves rearranging many of the other rooms throughout the house. You know...the nursery goes where the office was; the office moves downstairs; the dining nook becomes a quaint sitting room; and our dining room moves from the nook to the bigger room off the kitchen. It has been SO MUCH FUN! A remodel....without having to buy new furniture (outside of the nursery)!

After finding a few things today, to help complete our rearrangement of furniture and rooms, we spent this gorgeous Sunday as a family at the park! Sorry, no camera this time, either! Fischer and Kastle are crashed on their beds as I write, exhausted from the fun fetching.

Okay, so we kind of spent the whole weekend enjoying ourselves with friends, as well as on our own with our doodles, celebrating our 2 months of waiting. Was it ever GREAT!

We are coming, our precious little one(s)! Every day counts!


Jodes and Boz said...

How fun being thismuchcloser to your little one(s)!!! i hope this next month ZOOMS right by ya! I'm also hoping you'll get the call relatively soon... partly for selfish reasons as I would love to replace you on that waiting list!! *HUGS*

Angela said...

2 months! Getting closer and closer everyday!
Can't wait to see pictures of your nursery!
Happy day to you my friend!

Tanya said...

That sounds like a good weekend! It's great to try to focus on the positive, and enjoy every minute of the adoption process, though it may seen to drag on sometimes! I love your optimism.

Brad and Tara said...

Welcome to 2 months waiting!!! Hoping we both get THE CALL before Christmas!!! Wouldn't that be the BEST Christmas present ever?!?!?

Debb said...

Ah, YES! Getting THE CALL would most definitely be the BEST Christmas present EVER!!!!

Praying the optimism continues through the entire journey ( I suspect as we get closer to when we could actually get a call, time might just CREEP by!)

Hugs to all of you guys! And praying for all of you who are making a journey to ET as well! :)

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