Sunday, August 1, 2010



This is REALLY going to happen! You tend to wonder when you are buried in paperwork and interviews and doctor appointments for 5 months! But it is here! It is happening!

YES! We are DTE (Dossier To Ethiopia)! As we had hoped, America World was able to send ALL of our paperwork (Dossier) off to Ethiopia Friday, July 30th! We have been provided a tracking number so we can follow our Dossier on its travels to our son's/children's birth home!


As exciting as this news is, I am posting it two days later because I was traveling to the Sawtooth Mountains for a weekend of backpacking with my friend, Lisa, when we received the news! I am back now, refreshed from girl time and awe-striking views of God's country!...Joyously posting our latest great news! I did get to talk with Jeff before heading into the mountains so we could read the email together: me, on my phone and Jeff at his computer. What a GREAT way to start our weekend! {sigh}

Our Dossier is a compilation of very hard work that we have diligently been working on for over five months! We are now FREE of paperwork for a while! Yay, Yay, YAY!!!!! Many have asked what our Dossier contains, so I will outline some of its contents for you below:

1. 4 Pages of family and home photos
2. Updated Passports (copies - I had to update mine, as it had my maiden name)
3. Power of Attorney (this gives our representative in ET legal right to help represent us) - notarized and certified by Secretary of State
4. Application Letter ~ stating our desire to adopt and our final child request (siblings - one child 0 to 6 mos; the other 0 to 3 years; or an infant boy 0 to 6 mos old....EITHER would make us EXSTATIC!!!!!)
5. Both of our Birth Certificates
6. Marriage License
7. Physical Exams ~ notarized
8. Physician Letter ~ clarifying no past surgeries would hinder our ability to parent a child
9. Proof of Medical Insurance ~ notarized
10. Proof of Life Insurance ~ notarized
11. Financial Statement ~ notarized
12. Jeff's Employment Verification Letter ~ notarized
13. Debb's Employment Verification Letter ~ notarized
14. Home Study (three months of personal interviews, a home visit, and reading 4 books and writing book reports for each book)
15. 3 Letters of Reference ~ each notarized
16. Both of our Police Reports ~ showing our fingerprints were clear of any issues
17. USCIS Approval ~ that all-important I-171H form giving us US approval to bring an international child into the States forever
18. Certificates of completion for 8 hours of Hague Adoption training

Won't you PLEASE join us in praying that our Dossier travels swiftly and easily to Ethiopia and is placed in the proper hands in a timely manner.......we'll keep you posted!


Unknown said...

WOO HOO!!!! What a GREAT feeling! Congratulations!!!!!

Debb said...

Hey, THANKS! Good to see others are up late blogging sometimes too! :o) Congrats to you as well for knowing exactly WHEN you get to MEET your sweet girl! Will count the days with you! Praying for you guys ~ and her too! May God continue to hold you in the palm of His hand....

Alison said...

YAY!! Congratulations!! That is such great news! Will be praying for ya'll! Can't wait to watch your journey unfold! I am praying that our dossier is done soon too!

The Davidsons said...

Congratulations!! Who knew three letters (DTE) could mean so much?!!

Karen said...

Congratulations Debb! I remember our DTE date so well!! Here's the coolest part now ... God already knows who your children are and nows the exact day and moment you will set eyes on them for the very first time! BIG HUGS!!! So happy for you!! love, Karen and Jay Wistrom

Christy. said...

Yay!!! So happy to hear the news!! I will never forget when we were told we were officially on the wait list!!

Let the waiting begin...

Angela said...

So excited for you Debb! The best feeling for sure!

Praying praying praying! :)

Brad and Tara said...

YAAY!!! I have been waiting for this post from you! So excited for you guys! Being DTE is such a great feeling. We will be praying for you as the rest of your journey plays out! Praying the wait is short too!!

Shannon said...

Congratulations!!!!!! We just heard from Caitlin today and it sounds like we will be joining you this Friday:):):) So we can wait together and maybe even travel together!!!!
Praying it's a short wait!!!!!

Josh said...

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connie said...

Debb and Jeff, Praise the Lord! We are so happy for you guys. One step closer to baby(s) Marquez... Big hugs to you both.

"My cup overflows with blessings" Psalm 23:5

Unknown said...

Yahooooooo...sweet friend...this is WONDERFUL news!! I am sooo happy for you!!!!!!!! You will be staring at your baby's face before you know it!!

Debb said...

SO MUCH FUN to share this with each of you! THANK YOU for your love, excitement and prayers! Know that we pray for each of you individually as well! GOD IS SO GOOD!!!!!! :o)

Unknown said...

WOO HOOOO! Congrats!!

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