Monday, July 26, 2010



As many of you know, our sale began two days ago, Saturday, and will continue through next Friday, August 6th. We thank you for your enthusiasm of our designs and look forward to your assistance in sharing our love for Africa and for adoption! I have provided pics below for quick review. Click on our Fundraiser picture (top right side of blog) and it will take you to the site that provides you all the t-shirt/water bottle details and information on how to order!

We have created Water Bottles Too!
(one design/one color option)

TO BUY NOW, click the fundraiser picture located on the top right of this page!
The t-shirt blitz is only for TWO WEEKS!


Mandy @ The Party of 3 said...

:) I blogged about your awesome shirts! Hope it helps! I will be placing an order at the end of this week when my husband gets home from Germany! I am not sure which T he will want!!

Tweet w/ us: small_town_usa

Debb said...

THANKS SO MUCH FOR THE ENTHUSIASM AND SUPPORT, MANDY! We SO appreciate you getting the word out! :o) Thanks, also for ordering some later this week! :o) Praying for safe travels for your husband as he returns from Germany!

Mandy @ The Party of 3 said...

Do you have a facebook page for you blog? That might help spread the word even more!

Unknown said...

These just might be my favorite adoption shirts EVER! Just ordered two! :)

Debb said...

YAY! SO GLAD you like 'em! I can't wait to see them on others! Hoping you will send me a pic of you in them ~ for our baby book! :o) THANKS for the order!

Trev and Shan said...

I LOVE the t-shirts, Debb!!!

Unknown said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the shirts and absolutely LOVE the water bottle!! Great job!!

Amy said...

AWESOME idea with the waterbottle- the t-shirts are adorable too! GREAT JOB!!!

niki said...

I love your shirts! I bought the red in a Large but its too big. A medium would fit perfectly. If anyone orders a red in a large could I send them mine? Or if you have any spares can I (hate to ask) trade? Ill pay for shipiing. I really want to sport my new shirt but I cant flatter it since its too big :(

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