Friday, August 27, 2010

Our Fischer is Back on Track!

THANKS to all who have prayed for our sweet Fischer. He is healing well from his surgery and our Vet, Reed, gives him a clean bill of health! His tumor site looks good and all is well with that, and his paw/nails are healing fine (it will be a long time before they fully grow back).

It is so good to see his activity level return to normal,
and to watch him and Kastle (sounds like Nestle with a "K") play together!
Thought I would show you how good he is feeling! {smile}

Fischer and Kastle back to playing FETCH together!

Fischer going full speed ahead of Kastle! He's feelin' GOOD!

Our Fischey Bear is back on track! Look at that smile!


Alison said...

Yay! Just ordered my t-shirt! SO excited!!!

Debb said...

Ohhhh.....THANKS for ordering! SO excited for you to get it! :o)

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