Thursday, August 26, 2010


Some of you know (from a past Facebook post where I asked for prayers) that my dear friend has a son who is fighting a wicked battle against cancer. This beast is a stubborn relentless bugger, and Eli is doing a stellar job of keeping up the fight. With many, many chemo treatments, this tumor has not even shrunk in the least...........UNTIL NOW!!!!! This family has gone to Seattle for specialty care and are now back in Honolulu, where Eli lives, trying other options ~ the specialist's treatments did not work. In Hawaii, the doctors have recommended radiation and other alternative treatments, and there is evidence of the tumor shrinking in size a bit. Not a ton, but this is BIG compared to other treatments! I pray this tumor and surrounding tumors continue to SHRINK!

I post this today to celebrate a small step of progress! As my friend says, it is a welcomed ray of sunshine in their dark storm. As they celebrate this little victory, and allow it to lift them up and refresh them for continued battle, I beckon each one of you to PLEASE get on your knees for Eli! This is their first ~ of many needed ~ steps toward VICTORY!

Will you PLEASE join us in praying that God will allow this ray of sunshine to BURST into the most amazing sunrise that OVERTAKES the sky with outrageous beauty? Chasing away all the dark and wind and storm! Eli is tired, but still fighting a good fight. Maril (my dear friend), is hopeful, yet tired of seeing her son suffer.


I can't help but have the Beatles tune, "Here Comes the Sun" in my head! I am posting the youtube video, in case you forgot the tune. May you carry it in your heart and head, as a reminder to include Eli in your prayers. Today. And every day. Until God wins this battle for Eli!

May this be the coming of more than mere sunshine in their lives, but the coming of God's SON to bring Eli healing!

As many of us take the journey to Ethiopia to be joined with our son(s) and/or daughter(s), Maril walks this difficult journey alongside her son. May you join Jeff and me, in keep them in your prayers......

Dear Lord,

We lay this at your feet, and ask you to hold both Eli and Maril in the palm of your hand. We know that you are a loving God, and that your plans for them are good. May You continue to shower Your love on this family. May it be Your will to allow a healing miracle to take place. Today! Help the tumor and surrounding tumors to continue to shrink. Shrink. shrink. To nothing. At least shrink enough to implement whatever treatments You deam best ~ to finish this battle. Please, Lord, we believe in your healing POWER! We pray that You bring Eli to a Victorious finish! Uphold them when they feel weak. Fill them with your peace when they feel battered. Grant them Your strength and endurance to continue in this fight. Cover them with your protection, Lord. May your will be done. And may they feel your presence every step of the way, as they continue to walk this out. In Jesus' name we pray, AMEN.

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Karen said...

Debb - thanks for making us aware. Precious Eli and his family are in our prayers!! ~Karen Wistrom

Angela said...

Praying for Eli!

Chuck and Shannon Ewing said...

Hi, Debb,
Eli and is family are in our prayers. Recently, I ran across an article using low dose naltrexone to treat tumors. I'm not sure what type he has but you might have them check into it. Long history, if you want to call me please feel free to. Blessings to all and to you as well.
Shannon Ewing

Debb said...

THANKS for the prayers and great advice you guys! This man is such a fighter, but it has been such a long road for him and his family! Your prayers are MUCH needed! You are such great prayer warriors! Thank you for blessing Eli with your love! Shannon, I am passing along your info right after writing this! Hugs to all three of you!

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