Sunday, August 29, 2010



So, my dear friend, Connie, decided she better have a "baby intervention" with me. You see, we have only been waiting almost a month, but since becoming DTE, we have not really done anything toward our adoption. Okay, we have been praying and doing our t-shirt/water bottle FUNdraising, but we haven't made any big purchases.

Well, Connie did a great job of showing us just HOW MUCH preparation we have ahead of us for our son or children to come HOME! She put it in an email, and seeing the long list in writing helped awaken me ~ and allowed me to give myself permission to START DOING THE FUN STUFF!!! {giggles of excitement....can you hear them?}

Soooooo......we made some excellent progress this weekend! Jeff's parents, Grandma/Saytee and Dub/Grandpa bought our baby's crib! It is the Marquez family tradition to buy the grandchild's crib, and they are excited to continue this blessing! WE ARE MOST GRATEFUL, Saytee and Dub! Jeff and I also bought the dresser and chest of drawers to complete the nursery set! BABY DAILY even had the crib and dresser in stock! The other pieces will arrive in a few weeks. We wanted to take at least one piece home with us, and we could only fit the dresser into the Yukon, so we will go back one day this week to get the crib with a friend's truck.

OH. MY. GOSH!!!!! This REALLY IS going to happen! We are going to have a baby in our home! And maybe even TWO little ones! I told myself we had to wait until we were DTE to make any big purchases. Well, we are approaching a month of being DTE and we haven't bought anything since sending off our Dossier. WOW! The fun has begun! And I feel the excitement stir BIG within me (I'm giving it permission to surface!), and I see the excitement overflowing in Jeff as well. THANK YOU, GOD!!! We feel we have your green light to BELIEVE and proceed forward with our plans! WOOT! WOOT!

You have NO idea how MANY times I have gone into a baby store to buy something for a friend's or relative's baby (which was totally a joy and fun for me), but THIS time, we went into the baby store for OUR baby/babies!


Well, I am including pics of our nursery set below, if you would like to share in the excitement!

These are the three pieces we purchased. In chocolate.

Here is a picture of a room with some of the pieces (only in black).

Can't wait to get all the pieces and get this room ready for you, baby/babies!!! I anticipate sitting in the rocker in your room dreaming of the day that YOU will be in my arms, YOU will be in this room, in our family. FOREVER!!!!! We love you!


Courtney said...

Yeah!!! Gorgeous furniture!

Tanya said...

Wow, Debb, that's really great! It's soo fun buying things and getting ready. Well, I'm the nesting/decorating type, so I absolutely love it. May God bring your child/children to you soon!

Angela said...

Oh I LOVE it! Good taste! :)

I love the "we have your green light to BELIEVE)


Sarah said...

So very excited for you! How fun to go get baby stuff... FINALLY! The waiting is over and the joy is coming! Live it up sister! Live it up! :)

Heather and Adam said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE it! So awesome! Excited with you:)

Alison said...

Love it! So precious! Doesn't that make it all seem so "real"!! Yay!!

connie said...

Yes indeed, green light GO!!! This is going to be a really fun time as you prepare for your babe(s). Sharing in your joy and delight!
love you guys!!

Jodes and Boz said...

I am insanely happy for you!! What an exciting time this is!! I love the set you picked out... it's actually the same one we've been eyeing!! Have a GREAT time with your nesting!!

April D said...

You are WAY ahead of us! :) We have our referral and have NOTHING and have DONE nothing. haha. It'll come together.

Congrats! Nothing like baby furniture to make it for real!!!

Mom said...

I am so excited for you!! =)

"Saytee" (Grandma) said...

Love you two-almost-three-maybe-four.

Natalia K said...

Oh, I am sooo excited for you!!! I remember the feeling of setting up the crib and dresser, and washing blankets and adorable little clothing for the first time--it makes soon-to-be parenthood feel so much more real and tangible :).

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