Thursday, April 8, 2010

Two Quick Updates

1. We have one more meeting with our caseworker ~ TOMORROW at 3pm! This is a HUGE step in the journey to our son! Once we "pass" tomorrow's meeting, the caseworker will write a report that is a big part of our Dossier (term used for all the required documentation sent over to ET). It could take up to 2 weeks for her to complete this report. Our next step will then be to send things in to our government to receive approval from the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (UCIS), which allows us to bring our child home from ET forever! :o) Not right away, of course, this only clears us to send our Dossier to Ethiopia (DTE)......

2. Ethiopia has re-instated the two visit rule, starting May 9th. Yes, this will mean that Jeff and I will travel twice to get our son. First visit will be about 4-8 weeks after we receive our referral. During this first trip we will meet our son, love on him and show up in ET courts to commit to loving and caring for our him forever. We will stay in ET approximately 4-7 days and then return home to the US (WITHOUT our baby boy).

We may "Pass Court" the first time, though 50% families need more than one court date to pass. "Passing Court" means our son is officially OURS FOREVER and we are his FOREVER FAMILY! Six-12 weeks after passing court we will return to ET to pick up our son! I still cannot imagine leaving him there after meeting him and loving on him. We are leaving that to God, knowing that He will somehow help us through that part; and that being together forever with our little boy will be worth it in the end!


joyinthejourney said...

I'm thinking of you and praying for your meeting today! This blog is so inspiring! I have always wanted to adopt children someday... Maybe it will happen sooner than I had previously planned. What a powerful way to show God's love to his children. God bless!

Debb said...

Hey, Megan! THX for the comment on my blog! YES, it is awesome to see the wonderful works of God.....He just keeps feeding our hearts to overflowing with every step toward our son! So glad to have you join us and follow along on our journey to him! BTW, our LAST meeting went great today! We really feel the forward momentum again! WOO HOO! Thanks for the prayers, my friend! :o)

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