Monday, March 29, 2010


Well, it has been a little over a week since I last posted. I am HAPPY to say that FAMILIES ARE PASSING COURT!!!!! YEAH!!!! "Passing Court" is the step that officially makes a family's child theirs! Once passing court, families will travel in 8-10 weeks to pick up their precious child/ren! It is so exciting to hear this news! It's always fun to go the family's blog and see the photos of their new addition (no photos can be shared publicy until the adoption is official). CONGRATS TO ALL OUR YAHOO GROUP FAMILIES WHO ARE GETTING GOOD NEWS! I will continue to pray for you and your precious ones as they await your arrival! :o)

AHEM.....Did you pick up on the comment that each family will travel TO PICK UP THEIR CHILD 8-10 weeks after Passing Court? You heard correctly! We were informed March 25th that Ethiopia has put their new "Travel Twice" Rule on HOLD indefinitely! This is awesome news for families awaiting to pass court and/or to receive a travel date! I am not sure what it means for Jeff and me, as we are so early in the process to know if this new rule will still be on hold when it is our turn to travel to pick up our son. We can hope and pray, but we feel we must still plan on two trips at this point. If we get to travel only once, thus, getting our boy home sooner, we will feel extremely blessed! :o)

I am a bit confused (as are the rest of the families in my yahoo group) as to WHY there have been no referrals for children since late January this year. That is TWO months of no referrals! Although it is exciting to see the movement in the court dates, my heart goes out to those who have sent their Dossier to Ethiopia (DTE) and are awating a referral! We continue to pray for the children awaiting their forever families and the families waiting to welcome their child/ren. My heart goes out to all of them!

Well, Jeff and I are hoping to finish our final book readings this week, in which we will then be able to schedule our final meeting for our home study! WOO HOO!!!!


Anonymous said...

The agency we are planning on using has has major referral slow downs too. A friend (who is adopting from the same agency) said that because it is very difficult to get all of families with referrals passed in the first couple of times, our in country staff is working on that. There are 9 in country staff members, but only 3 or 4 can get the referrals ready. However, they can't work on those papers because there are USCIS investigations, Ethiopia investigations, and MOWA letters that are urgently needed.

My friend was told that as soon as most of the families passed court from our agency that the in-country staff would be working on referrals. Our agency's home holds 65 kids and we believe that there are only 25 kids who have been referred (that leaves LOTS of kids waiting on medicals, paperwork, and good health. It is not just your agency, it is most of the Ethiopian agencies right now.

P.S.-this happened 2 years ago when we were adoping our little girl. Families were having 10+ court dates, so there weren't referrals until most of them passed.

Debb said...

THANKS FOR THE ENCOURAGING WORDS!! I shared them with my yahoo group of other ET adoptive parents! :o)

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