Sunday, March 21, 2010

Before The Morning: Life Is Not A Snapshot

Before The Morning: Life Is Not A Snapshot
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FAITH is staying on God's path......even through the darkness.......trusting this path will bring you to the light up ahead.

Many people are at that brink of exploding out of the darkness and experiencing the light beyond their trial. The enemy tries hardest at this point in the game to hold you back from doing God's will for your life! HANG ON! Ironically, after writing my last post, I went to my email and received encouragement from Faith Barista. I pass this along as it explains why we have chosen to look for the light up ahead. For anyone who needs the encouragement, click this video link. You will get the inspiration you need to continue through whatever trouble you are facing.

There is LIGHT ahead......if you have the courage to stay on the path of darkness a while longer. Always remember: God knows what He is doing and His plan for you is GOOD! :o)


Bonnie Gray said...

Deb, thank you for inspiring me with this post & with your story. May God bless you & Jeff, in the ways that truly count. Happy to know we are connected through Faith Barista.

Tanya said...

You have an exciting journey ahead of you. Thanks for inviting me to read along as you guys find your little boy. Faith will get you through it! Tanya

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