Friday, February 12, 2010


WOW!!! I am excited to report that we are OFFICIALLY on the road that will lead us to our son! That's right! We are requesting and praying for a little boy, zero to one year old! I talked with AWAA today, and they have accepted our application for adoption in Ethiopia! WOO HOO!! This might sound weird to you, but I feel as though we just received news that we are pregnant! :o) Jeff and I are so happy and can hardly wait to meet our son! Oh yeah, and this is the best part! The wait might be shorter than the 1 1/2 to 2 years we were anticipating! Please PRAY that God protects and nourishes our little one, pre- and post-pregnancy! We hope he will be healthy and be as young as possible, so we can enjoy infancy with him! Either way, though, we see and feel God's hand in this and just know that he will be perfect for us, regardless his age when we first hold him!

We are having our first home study meeting TODAY! This is the first of many, but boy! are we really hitting the path running! We are so excited that our elation is carrying us with swift speed! We feel God's presence in this.......and you may not understand this when I say it.....but......ever since speaking with Amy at AWAA, I can feel a connection with our son. I can actually FEEL him! Beautiful! Praise God! Only He could be orchestrating something as beautiful as this!

Thank you for your friendships and love. Thank you for your continued prayers for our son's health, birth (if it hasn't already happened), and for his safe delivery into our arms, hearts, and forever family!


Karen said...

Debb - I'm so unbelievably excited for you! Thanks so much for blogging - I'm honored to be able to follow this blessed journey to your son! Love, Karen & Jay

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