Monday, May 4, 2015

3 Years!

Hard to believe....

Where has the time gone!?!?

Our sweet boy was "officially" our son the very minute I met him and spoke with him.  I knew it in my heart.  I knew it in my bones.  I knew it so assuredly, I was weak in the knees.

Of course, he didn't become legally our son, until after we passed court.  But never once did I doubt it, amidst all of the paperwork and hoopla required to make it legal.

Even then, it wasn't until we cleared embassy that we could bring our sweet Sami HOME!!!!

That we could no longer wonder how he was doing, from halfway across the world.  That we could tuck him in at night, and kiss him good morning,!  That we could know how he was doing, because he was now with us!  Because he was now, not only part of our Forever Family in our hearts...........but in our arms and in our home!

Three years ago TODAY!!!

When I reflect upon the pure Joy.  The Laughter.  The Growth.  The Fun.  The LOVE!!!!!  I am overwhelmed in a most precious and pure way!!!!

To call this amazing boy "OUR SON!" is a blessing that far surpasses our dreams for our family!!!

Any and all who meet him are blessed by him!  His kind and gentle spirit.  His fun-loving acceptance of all.  His drive and commitment.  His compassion and love.  For others, for us, and most importantly, for Christ!

I believe I am honest when I say that not one single day passes without my thanking God for the honor and privilege to call Sami my son!!!  My prayer is that Jeff, Peanut and I can bless him as much as he blesses us ~ just by being the wonderful boy God made him to be!

I Love You To the Moon and Back, Sweet Sami!!!

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Anonymous said...

You are such an encouragement to me. Love your family.

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