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New Years Eve was an exceptionally special celebration for us this year, as it marked THE day that we got to bring Kaleab HOME (okay, to the Guest House, initially, as we came home to the States 5 weeks later)!!!!  Either way, he was in our arms and care FOREVER this day last year!!!!!

It's been ONE YEAR!!!

Hard to believe that this precious little boy has been officially in our arms, our care, and our family for a year!  I cannot describe the REJOICING that day in knowing that our baby was coming with us.....he would forever BE WITH US...and we never had to take him back to the Transition Home again!!!!  


So, YES!  When we are asked if we had a good Christmas and/or if we are having a good New Year, the answer is a RESOUNDING "YES!!!!!"

So many emotions stirred this holiday season.  Beautiful emotions.  

An ache crept in as I reflected upon my yearning throughout the hardest wait for answered prayer I have ever endured in my life.  But this was waaaaay overshadowed by an overflowing of gratitude that our extended wait resulted in this beautiful family I call my own!  A burst of joy and jubilation was also mixed in, as I reminisced upon the FUN and JOY this past year has brought us with Kaleab, as well as the past 8 months with Sami!  

All emotions were beautifully wrapped up in my continued awe at how God orchestrated all the details from the very beginning!!!!!

Sweet baby K, you may never know the extent to which my heart grew to love and adore you before I ever even saw your precious face.  I didn't get to feel you kick from inside of me, to serve as a reminder of your coming into our lives, but God found a way to remind me daily that His Promise of you was true.  And that He was my trustworthy Heavenly Father.  Then when we received the phone call about you, we knew that we knew that we knew YOU were OUR SON chosen by God for US!!!!!  The extended wait to bring you HOME was torture, but we are so thankful that God found us ways to watch you grow weekly!!!!  (Thank you AWAA friends!)  

And now, this past year, we were able to watch you grow right in front of our own two eyes!  We have enjoyed watching your bubbly personality continue to blossom.  We have giggled at your contagious laugh.  We have smiled at your sweet, precious voice.  We have become enamored by your joyful spirit.  We have become captivated by your glorious eyes!  And we have melted away with your snuggles and cuddles, my son.

YOU have blessed us beyond our wildest imagination!  The African version of you name means "word of God," and that describes so eloquently our journey to you!  God spoke and promised us you.  And He delivered, ever so faithfully!

Now my prayer is that God will equip me to bless you in every way a mother can possibly bless her son.  May God fill in the cracks where my humanness is insufficient.  And may you ALWAYS know that your were CHOSEN ~ by God and by us!  It feels as though you have always been here with us.  Because of that precious bond God created between us, sweet boy.


We continued visiting Sami every day after bringing Kaleab home to the Guest House with us.  I will always remember our Ethiopian friend, Job, approaching us to tell us that "Kaleab has always been a happy baby....but I have never seen him be sooo happy for so many days!  He is soooo HAPPY to be with his mama and dada!!!"

A few pictures of this all-important day!!!!!!.........Not just New Years Eve and the beginning of another year, but a sweet long-awaited beginning of our togetherness as a family!!!  {with Sami to come home three months later}
Hanging out with Big Brother at Transition House (TH). 

 Our first outing....lunch!

After lunch......hanging out again with Sami at TH.

 Leaving the TH....with you......FOREVER!!!!

 Our first night together at the Guest House....

 We were all SO HAPPY!!!!

 Your eye contact was awesome!...

 ...and your cuddles so SWEET!

 First nights sweet and sound!

...and you awoke just as happy!....

 Oh how you LOVED splashing in your first bath!




Tanya said...

I loved looking through your pictures of all the milestones in your journey! I can't believe it's been a year! You're a beautiful momma, it suits you well.

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