Friday, August 24, 2012

First Family Camping Trip

Mid July we headed the the mountains for our first camping trip!  It was SPECTACULAR!!!

Amidst packing up to go, Jeff was putting the last of things in the Sky Box on the top of the car......and it BROKE!  Yup!  All of our stuff was LOCKED inside!!!!  God bless Yakima and REI!  Jeff called Yakima and they told him to go to REI for a replacement.  REI did not have the version that we had, but they did have the bigger/newer version.......and they gave it to us at no extra cost!!!  Tell me that wasn't a God-thing!

Due to all of this, we had to leave Saturday morning rather than Friday night, but we still had a GLORIOUS EIGHT MILE hike and sweet night of camping!  Sami ROCKED it!!!  He fits right in!  LOVES the mountains and hiking!  Eight miles!  We thought we would have to turn back and not make it all the way but he wanted to keep on going!  I think the thought of touching the snow he could see near the mountain peaks was a BIG motivator for him!

The thunder and HUGE rainstorm came rolling in Saturday night, once Kaleab had fallen asleep.....and he continued to sleep like a baby for the most part!  We had NO rain seep in the tent!  Amazing!  Because there was so much water under the floor of the tent that it was almost like sleeping on a water bed {ok, exaggeration......but we really were getting water underneath the tent.....and no leaks}!

 Wanting a "work out" I offered to carry Kaleab.
25 minutes later, I let Jeff carry him 
the rest of the way!  UFDAH!

 Leader of our pack!

 Brrrr!!!  Dad was the only brave one to go into the lake!

 Doodles looking sad because they want to go back into the lake!

Our destination after 4 miles up the mountain!

 Bottle Time.

 Sami loves taking pics....

 First family mountain pic!

 Feelin' Free!

 Sami's first time seeing/playing with snow!


 K had to have his arm around S!

 Brotherly Love.

 My three boys!

 Hangin' out by the fire while mom puts Kaleab to bed.

Tired doodles rest before the THUNDERSTORM!

 "Helping" to pack up the tent.

 Fun in the tent.

 My climber....

 Checking in on the doodles morning after big hike.....

I LOVE YOU, Big Brother!


Elle J said...

You are such a beautiful family!! The joy that shines on all of your faces makes me smile. Oh, to meet you guys some day!!! Pictures were awesome - frame worthy!!

Trev and Shan said...

Hey Debb! I love reading your blog and looking at all of the awesome pictures from your adventures and celebrations. Your boys are so gorgeous and I KNOW that you and Jeff are the BEST parents in the world. Love to you all!!

Debb said...

Oh, YES! Elle J! Some of these ARE already framed and up in the house! We love them! :) Awwww, Shan, you are sweet. Love to both of you girls!

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