Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Not This Week.

I am so sad to write this.......we were not submitted to embassy today. 

During a final ppwk review our agency found some things that they felt best to better clarify, given recent questions embassy has had in previous cases.  Therefore, in effort to prevent future embassy delays, they are taking another week to make sure our ppwk is tight and tidy, with hopes of submitting next Wed. 

My heart is sad but my head is thankful that our agency is being proactive. 

So CLOSE......yet so far.....halfway around the world far.  We Love You, Son!!!

Praying for next week.......

March update pics.
In school.

Getting one of our packages.

Had to send him a St Patricks Day lei!


Charity Roach said...

That is one handsome looking young man! I can imagine the desire as his mom to have your arms around him and just to start enjoying life with him! I pray his heart is comforted until the appropriate paperwork is taken care of and you get to finally travel to bring this young man home! What a smile he has!

Praying for next week!


Anonymous said...

Sami will be here in God's perfect timing!!! He is a very fine looking young man! So happy for your family! Bet he can't wait to see a Boise State football game with his Daddy! You guys sound like awesome parents! I'll keep praying! Love in Christ, Sarah friends of Josh and Torries

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