Wednesday, April 18, 2012

As we were sleeping last night.......


It was so special to awaken to an email this morning from our US Embassy in Addis Ababa telling us that our agency had submitted our case for Sami!  What added to the specialness of the morning was being able to share in the excitement IN PERSON with Grandpa and Grandma who are visiting this week!!!!!

Oh to share the JOY in person with family!  God is good!

We all went to TUCANOS this evening for dinner to celebrate our wonderful news of being such a BIG step closer to bringing our precious son home!  As we pulled into the parking lot, Grandma Doreen noticed a double rainbow!  A DOUBLE RAINBOW!!!!!

A number of years ago Jeff and I drove to Colorado.  We were amidst our fertility treatments.  We seriously saw four or five DOUBLE RAINBOWS in a matter of less than an hour!!!  It was such a beautiful reminder to us that God fulfills His promises.  I also couldn't shake the feeling that the DOUBLE rainbows reflected TWO for TWO kiddos!  It strengthened my belief that we may end up having twins!

Three to four years later, we are bringing TWO precious and amazing boys home from Ethiopia!!!!  Not one, but TWO awesome boys!!!  Being greeted by the DOUBLE rainbow tonight brought this road trip to my mind and highlighted the beauty of our bringing home TWO sweet boys!!!

Can you believe it!?!?  WE FORGOT OUR CAMERAS for our dinner tonight!!!!  No pictures capture our celebration with Grandma and Grandpa "C!"  SUCH a disappointment!!!

Following a spectacular dinner of grilled pineapple, fried bananas and more varieties of meats than I can count, we came home and went through some of our Ethiopia pictures together and continued to bask in the glory of God's beautiful orchestration of our family.

A great way to end a wonderful day!!!!

So what does all of this mean?  Embassy now has 10 days to review our case and let us know their plan.  We fully anticipate them requesting an interview with Sami's birth mom, which usually gets scheduled 1-2 weeks after embassy contacts us with their plan.

Therefore, we are hoping to be invited back to Addis to bring.sami.home in a matter of WEEKS!!!  SO WISH we could tell him this news ourselves, but hoping that someone keeps him updated as to our progress!  Praying he KNOWS how excited we are to come and get him!!!!!

I continue to receive precious emails telling me what an amazing son we have in Sami.  And these emails continue to bless my mama heart in crazy ways!  He will be receiving a package from us within the next couple of days.  Yay!

As we all get ready to rest our heads on our pillows, you, Sami, are starting your day!  May your heart be FULL as you learn of the news that we (as a family) were submitted to embassy!  Our time to return is approaching, dear son!  It is near!!!!

Love and hugs to you, Sami!


Elle J said...

This totally gave me chills - God is good and faithful and I am so blessed we know Him!!!

Abby said...

So happy for you!!! Hoping it goes fast!

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