Monday, March 12, 2012

On Our Knees

Ever feel like you are ALWAYS asking your friends and family to pray for you and your family?

Ever feel like you are on a roller coaster ride ~ a fun ride (most of the time) ~ but a ride with so many ups and downs you really think it would be great fun to be OFF and on solid ground again?

Ever feel so FILLED with love your heart is overflowing.......yet there is still something missing that creates a void in your heart?

That pretty much sums up where I am at today.  SO AMAZED by Kaleab and experiencing how my heart can totally overflow with LOVE for this sweet precious gift from God!  Yet, until Big Brother is HOME there is still a space of void in my heart.  In my life.  A space that only "S" can fill.  This void doesn't take away from the pure JOY of having Kaleab HOME at all, it's just that there still feels like something ~ someone ~ is missing.

Our third Court Date is WEDNESDAY!!!!  In a matter of DAYS Big Brother could become legally OUR SON!!!!  We could reveal his name and his beautiful face if we pass court!!!!

Asking, once again, for all of you to join us on our knees.  Praying that!!!!  That Wednesday is OUR DAY to call our son OUR son according to the law!!!!

You should be waking soon.  Enjoy your day today, sweet "S".......may it be your last day of wondering if this adoption will really happen.  May it be your last day of wondering if Mom and Dad are really coming back for you.  May it be your last day of fitting the title of orphan.  May your hope of coming soon replaced with KNOWING you are coming HOME!!!

I pray you already know deep down in your heart how much Dad and I love you.  And I pray that officially becoming a Marquez help instill in the depths of your heart the TRUTH that we ARE coming to bring you HOME!  Just as soon as we can, dear son.  Just as soon as we can!

Until then, may you carry within your heart the knowledge of our love for you, and even more importantly, the knowledge of God's love for you.  God has you safely tucked under His wing, sweetheart.  You are never out of His sight.  You are never far from His thoughts, as He completes your adoption details for us.

Waiting on Him...............and loving you every minute of the wait.


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We will be praying!

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