Tuesday, August 23, 2011

ETHIOPIA ~ DAY 4 (Wednesday)

Okay, so I got wrapped up in our baby for the remainder of our stay in ET, and then news of not passing court came quickly upon our return home.........so I never got to share the remainder of our trip with you!  Sorry for the interruption.  Hope you still want to hear the remaining details!  Besides, I want to record it ALL for our family memories!  So here goes.....

DAY 4 was Wednesday, July 20, 2011.

Because it was a week day, we got to see Baby K in the morning.  I LOVED being able to begin my day holding our son!!! It was so sweet ~ when we got to the Transition House, I went right into the infant room to get Baby K.  He was in his crib with his head turned to the side, half awake, half asleep.  As I leaned over the crib and softly spoke his name, he immediately turned his face to mine and gave me a great big smile!!!  Melt. my. momma. heart!!!!!

I quickly swooped him up and never let him go, aside from the times Daddy got to hold him, of course! {smile}  Some of the older girls came over to swoon over Baby K and we took pictures of them lovin' on him.  I wish that I could share the photos, but we are not suppose to, for protection of the children.

This was the day we got to shower other AWAA adoptive family/friend's children with love!  We took photos of them to send to the children's families, as we know all-to-well the pure JOY of receiving pictures when you cannot be with your child in person!!!!  These kiddos made us laugh and giggle.  We are soooo excited for each and every one!!!

We also got to meet the TH doctor this day.  What a precious lady!  She SO cares about our children!  We were impressed with how thorough her report of K's health was.  She let us know how many colds, ear infections, and upper respiratory infections he has had and how each one was treated.  Poor baby has already had the chicken pox.  K still had an intermittent cough, and she told us that she recommended an x-ray to rule out pneumonia.  She assured us we would have the results before we left, which we did, and it was negative, thank goodness.

We thanked the doctor for all she was doing to care for Baby K.  She told us that it was God's work and that they pray over every child, "Really.....every child.....we pray over each and every one."    We got a photo with her, so we can always remember the angel who doctored our son in his first months.  Boy, do Jeff and I feel BLESSED that we are with such an amazing agency and that our son is in such amazingly capable and loving hands ~ both the doctor as well as the nannies!!!

We again enjoyed sharing treats and stickers with the children at the TH today.  I was again amazed at the pure excitement over simple toys.  They were plastering the stickers all over their faces, hands, and arms.  One sweet girl, even came over and gently placed one on K's forehead.  Precious.

The afternoon was lunch at Lucy's and then on to the Museum.  Jonas was our "tour guide" and he did a fabulous job of revealing to us the history of Ethiopia.  The present-day museum is actually in the large home of a past king.  Historical items were all about and we were able to tour his bedroom as well as his wife's {they did not sleep together}.  It was a fascinating tour that sparked within us a desire to understand even more of ET's history so that we could one day share the stories with Baby K.

Here are some pictures from this day:

THIS is the rooster that "greeted" us every morning at 5:30am!

Yes, this is SCAFFOLDING!  You'd never see ME walking this,
even if it was to earn some money!  Schnikers!


 There were various statues in a pretty area 
in the center of the restaurant, open to the outside

 My dear BFF from Georgia, Anna; her sweet son, Cooper; me.

 Mark being the funny man he is.

 Mark and Cimbrey Brannan; Jeff and Katie Seevers; Megan and Dusty Snyder
Part of our AWESOME Travel Group!

Aliya (Snyders' daughter); Riley (Dreyfus' daughter); Tim and Anna Dreyfus

Dinner was at the Guest House, providing us with more opportunity to connect with our wonderful travel group families.  

We went to bed this night, anticipating our big Court Date the next day!!!  Jeff and I prayed together before going to bed, asking God to cover our Court Date.  Asking that it be His will to let that MOWCYA letter be there, and allowing our adoption of Baby K to be official and final.  I fell asleep continuing in prayer.........


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