Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Giveaways and Helping Other Adoptive Families!

Pitter Patter is having another GIVEAWAY to mark their NINE MONTHS of waiting for their referral!!!  She makes such amazing things ~ and yes!  THIS is the wonder-girl who made my pink/zebra Africa shirt so many of you have complimented!!!  Anyway, check out her GIVEAWAY and other creative things she makes to help raise funds for their adoption by clicking HERE!!!!

OH,and guess what I got in the mail today!?!?  THIS!!!
I can't believe I actually WON something!  And get this ~ purple is my favorite color!  Only God could arrange for her to draw my name for the PURPLE cup and necklace!  Yeah, He hasn't forgotten me.  Not by a long shot!!!  Thanks, Kelly!!!  LOVE the cup and necklace, and LOVE to be able to help you in some small way to bring home your child from Korea!  

This family has a GREAT line of things with the "Got Love?  Adopt."  theme.  Shirts, bags, these cups, and they have the magazine necklaces too!  Check out their fundraiser items HERE!

And let's remember our friends, Rick and Connie!!!  They are still gathering items for their big GARAGE SALE this Friday and Saturday!!!  All the proceeds will go toward bringing home their daughter form Ethiopia!!!  You can bless them by donating items for their sale, and/or volunteer to help set up or take down each day!!!  And if you are not local, you could bless them by praying that God blesses their sale!

So FUN to see God moving families toward their children and children to their families!!!  I stand in awe each time I watch Him bring a family together from half way around the world!  {shaking my head in pure amazement!}  And to see Him provide each family with the funds to adopt is yet another opportunity for me to remember God's sweet faithfulness!  

LOVE witnessing such miracles!!!


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