Saturday, July 2, 2011

GOD Provides!

So, remember a while back when I "panicked" at Babys-R-Us over the costs of ALL that we need for baby "K", say nothing about the costs for adoption?  Well, if you recall, I felt like God was saying, "Don't fret, I have it all under control.  I will provide for you what you need.  Just focus on getting your son home."

Well, He sure has been holding true to His word throughout this journey!  Whether it was buying a gently used highchair and "BOB" stroller (that was e.x.a.c.t.l.y. what we wanted!) from our friends Mary and Todd; or Erica and Josh gifting us a double stroller (in case we came home with two ~ or it holds the "extras" nicely Erica says); or Allison and Bill buying us the exact same ERGOBABY carrier we had at the top of our list; or Krista offering to give us her dirty diaper holder thingamajig; or the most recent blessing ~  a brand new baby gate from my friend Cindy!  

Last weekend we used our big REI dividend to get one of our carry-ons, and my dear friend, Allison is lending me the one that both she and another one of our friends, Caycee, used for their two trips!!!  {this bag has already made four trips to ET and is about to embark on its fifth!  lucky bag!}


Here is another way in which He helped meet our needs!  Jeff found a sweet deal on luggage for our travels at the site!  Our suitcases had rips and tears and would SO not be reliable for international travel, and we kept putting off getting new ones.  So glad we did, as this 50% discount was a blessing indeed!  Eagle Creek offers a lifetime warranty, and the bags are so durable!  We. love. them!!!!  You should check out the site for deals!

Now we need to start filling up these suitcases for our trip to see baby "K!"  Can't. even. believe. we. are. doing. this!  Still feels surreal!  We will be holding him in our arms in 16 days!  

Any suggestions or "must have" items that you would recommend we pack in these bags, PLEASE feel free to comment! 

If you still desire to contribute to donations we plan to take over to four different orphanages, please click HERE to read of the current needs!


Darcee said...

Oooooooooooooooooooh DEBB!!! 16 Days!!! !6 little teeny tiny days till you have your beautiful boy in your arms!! PRAISE THE LORD!!! - Thanking God right along with you as He continues to provide! SO AMAZING!


megan m. said...

make sure you bring toilet paper and an adapter for any items you may need charged or that you want to use!! We just came back a little over a week ago from our first trip and were glad to have both of these items!! Have fun with your little one every chance you get!!!!-Megan M.

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