Wednesday, June 8, 2011


WOW!  FOUR YEARS as husband and wife!   That may sound piddly to some, but I stand amazed 
at our precious four years together.  I THANK GOD for you, honey.

YOU have brought me so much JOY, LAUGHTER and LOVE!

 Remember the love that surrounded us with our family and friends that day?

We still get "in our own little world"......

You made me feel like a princess on our wedding day!
And you still do, my love!  You still do!

 Walking out of the garden ~
as Husband and Wife...

...Into a life we loved to imagine, knowing only that we had one another, and that that was more than enough!  Praising God for bringing our lives together, blessing our love and lives, trusting that He would protect and provide for us from this day forward.  Just as He had up to this point.

Through you, Jeff, God has shown me how He LOVES to lavish us with His love and shower His blessings upon us!  Through you, He shows me how He desires to fill the dreams of my heart.  The very dreams that HE places in my heart!  He gave me the vision of you.  Long before I ever knew you.  You had no face, but your presence, and your love for me and for God was so very real.  It often felt like I could reach out and touch you, your "presence" was so real. 

Those days when I questioned God's intent regarding my future marriage, He always reminded me to "Be still.  Know that I am God.  I am working on this for you.  You don't want just any marriage.  You have requested a divine marriage.  Blessed and lead by me.  And I desire this for you.  But such works of art are rare.  And require time.  My heavenly intervention."

And so I waited.  For you.

And as I have said so many times.......DREAMS REALLY DO COME TRUE!!!!  God surpassed my dreams!  With you!  You love me better than I could have ever dreamed! 

I love your heart for God.  Your desire to be a Godly husband and father.  I love your patience.  And your ability to help me in moments of impatience.  I love how you make my heart light.  How my love for you can "bubble over."  I love falling asleep with you.  And awakening to you.  I love how you "get me."  And seek to better understand me when you don't.  I love how I still get excited when you walk through the door.  How your kiss hello can make my day.  I love how you can still give me the butterflies.  With a look.  A word.  A touch.


It's TRUE!  I really do!  I never dreamed it possible, but somehow it IS!!!  This says a LOT when I think of the love I carried for you on our wedding day four short years ago.......and that love has already flourished to so much more!

Just as God asked me to wait for YOU, my dream-come-true and forever love, He has asked us to wait for our son.  Only this time, I get to wait WITH you.  You have loved me so well throughout this journey to K*****, and I cannot WAIT to see you as his Daddy!  Just as YOU were SO worth the wait, I know that I know K****** will be too!  I cannot think of anyone else I would want to walk this amazing journey of adoption with, honey.




Lari said...

Happy Anniversary!

erica said...

Happy Anniversary!!!!!! Have a wonderful day! :)

Elle J said...

Happy Anniversary - a beautiful post to your husband. What a gorgeous bride and great atmosphere for a wedding! =)

Kelly said...

Very sweet post. Happy belated Anniversary.

Jodes and Boz said...

I didn't realize we were so close.... Our 5th anniversary is on Saturday! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY DEBB & JEFF!!! May each year be better than the last ~ we already know this year will be your best year yet!!

connie said...

Happy Anniversary blessed friends! We love you guys and pray the Lord continues to be the focal point of your marriage. Have a great time celebrating together!

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