Tuesday, June 28, 2011


As if we didn't feel BLESSED beyond measure already with our referral of our sweet baby boy, and our July 21st Court Date.....

....Today we were reminded of what a precious Church Family we have as well!  One of our pastors invited us to come to their weekly Prayer Meeting that they hold, so they could pray over Jeff and me, baby K, and the whole adoption process!  How sweet is THAT!?!?!?

Our Church Family already SO. LOVES. OUR. SON!!!!

We are so blessed and thankful!  They have been there for us during our fertility issues and miscarriages, and now they are standing right alongside us as we walk out this JOYFUL journey to our sweet baby boy!  They have been such great sources of encouragement, joy, genuine love, and most importantly, Prayers!  They showered us with this love and with their prayers this morning, and was it ever sweet!

Pastor Tri prayed with such power for all anxiety and fear to be removed so that we could bask in the pure JOY of these last steps to our son!  I had not yet shared with him the fear and anxiety I was carrying with me regarding the looming court closures, paperwork/MOWCYA letter, and the current issues that show the enemy is at work in trying to cease or delay adoptions in ET right now....

As Jeff and I left church, I was almost giggling with a freedom!  A JOY!  Just like that, the fear and anxiety were lifted!  Thank You, God!  I don't think I realized the burden I was carrying, until it was lifted from me!

So many sweet words were prayed over us.  Hearts that poured out love, words asking God to guide every. single. remaining. step. ahead.  Requests of His intervention with the MOWCYA Director and staff for complete paperwork.  Pleas for protection over our hearts when we have to say "see ya soon" and leave ET.  I could go on and on!  There was such POWER in these prayers!  And they came from such genuine hearts!

Pastor Mike shared his vision of Haggar, when she was sent into the wilderness with her son.  As she ran out of food and water, she placed her son under a shrub in fear that he would die.  "God heard the boy crying," Mike shared with us.  An angel came to Haggar saying, "....do not be afraid;  God has heard the boy crying as he lies there."  If you recall this story, God provided a well for the boy to drink!

Pastor Mike clarified that his picture had nothing to do with the description of Haggar's son {THANK YOU, GOD!  Ha!}, and everything to do with God hearing the boy's cry and meeting his need.  Such a great reminder that our Heavenly Father knows even better than we do, what our son needs.......and He is providing for "K!"

Michael shared with us the verse Isaiah 40:11......
He will tend His flock like a shephard,
He will gather the lambs in His arms;
He will carry them in His bosom,
and gently lead those that are with young.

God is carrying our son in his bosom!  HE. HAS. THIS!!!  I need not worry over the "what ifs."  I, once again, need to surrender my son to my Heavenly Father.  I need to lay him at the cross, trusting that God has so beautifully orchestrated every detail thus far, and He is not going to leave loose ends dangling now.  He is gently guiding Jeff and me......and will continue to......as we seek His divine guidance with parenting our precious son.

What precious ways to be reminded that God is protecting and providing for our son!  

It was such a memorable morning!  We will never forget the desire of our Church Family to cover us, our son, and the remaining steps of our adoption in His Power, Peace and Love!  We felt it this morning, and we still carry it with us tonight!  I am sure God will bless us with it at every. single. remaining. step!

THANK YOU, CHURCH FAMILY!  For the awesome prayers this morning.  For the love that overflows from you.  And for giving us such a divine family to raise our son in!  He will be blessed, as we are, to grow up knowing each one of you!

We cannot WAIT for you all to meet him!

Our blessing you are helping to PRAY HOME!!!!


Kelly said...

It is so encouraging to read about the body of Christ acting like it! What a wonderful church and wonderful blessings for your family.

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