Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Friendship and Fun

Life has been crazy BUSY as of late.  That's okay.  Helps feed my mind and heart in this loooooong drawn out wait.  

Don't you just LOVE having dinner with special friends!?!?!?

These are our oh-so-precious friends from West Africa!  They live in town and bless our lives by their very presence.  God's peace and joy just oozes from them!  We LOVE it!  And THEM!!!!

I couldn't let this evening of love, joy and fun pass by the blog.  Besides, I actually remembered to take some pictures!.  How could I not, with such an extra special babe to photograph!

Sonia, Everest and 
baby Catherine.

Jeff and Catherine......I wonder if 
she realizes his beard is gone!?

Sweet precious babe
awaiting her playmate(s).

LOVE this little one!

Pure Bliss!

Hope this finds each one of you maximizing your days.  Daily!
This really IS a Wonderful Life!


Nate and Pam said...

What country in West Africa are they from? My family and I lived in Togo, W. Africa for 3 years so my ears always perk up when I hear "West Africa" :-). ~Pam~

Debb said...

Wow! Small world! In fact she IS from Togo and he is from Benin! You must have had an amazing three years in Togo! When were you there?

Anonymous said...

Oh, man!!! What a cutie-pie!!!

Nate and Pam said...

I THOUGHT she looked Togolese!!!! We were there from 1982-1985 in the capital city of Lome. How long have they been in the states? ~Pam~

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