Thursday, April 14, 2011

OH MY!!!!!


I was literally just wrapping up my post that was a follow-up to my last post, discussing the EMPOWERED TO CONNECT teachings.................and I lost it ALL!!!!!!!!!!!  Every last word!  I have no idea how that just happened!

DARN!  It was hard to organize all the info without making it a mile long, and it was almost done!  YIKES!  

Okay. was good for me to review and organize the information in my mind (for our own parenting purposes), so I will do it again!  Just didn't want you to think I had forgotten!  I know some of you have contacted me with excitement about the next post {I hope I don't disappoint!} so hang in there and come back tomorrow! 

Our small group meets at our house Thursday nights, so I have to get ready for that.  I WILL post a follow-up, hopefully tomorrow!!!!

I do want to share a neat God moment I had today.  But first, I have to admit that I have been struggling to "feel" God's presence lately.  I wasn't doubting Him.  Nor was I doubting His plan.  I was just struggling with "feeling" His presence {please tell me I am not the only one who battles with this from time to time!?}.

Anyhoo, I started praying about it last night, asking God to remove whatever it was that felt like it was dividing us.  I confessed my belief in Him and asked for Him to reveal Himself to me in some way so that I might "feel" Him in my life again.

Well, He showed up!  He awakened me in the night with a patient on my heart.  I prayed for her, only to discover in the morning that she was going to have surgery!  I CAN STILL HEAR GOD!!!!  Ahem.  He did not stop there.  My FIRST patient is a precious Christian who shared her dream last night with me ~ we got our referral for our son the week of EASTER ~ "the mark of new beginnings and new life!"  God put me on her heart and in her dreams!  I believe this showed me that HE IS PRESENT and WORKING BEHIND THE SCENES ON OUR BEHALF,  and He wanted to remind me through my patient!

ALSO............. Still on the bright side of things..............there has been wonderful movement in our agency this week!  Multiple families passed court and several others received their Court Dates!  "Some of us" are hoping that the first part of the week was filled with post-referral activity........and maybe tomorrow they will end the week with some REFERRALS!?!?!?!? {wink, wink!}


sommerzone said...

Praying for you all so much right now! God is in it all! I just have to know that He's truly the author of all our stories!

Tracy said...

'some of us' - US included!!!!

Shannon said...

Proud to be a part of "some of us";) Maybe next week!

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