Saturday, April 2, 2011


What a blessed weekend this has been, thus far!  Hoping each of you are enjoying yours as well!

So far I can summarize my weekend with two words.


Thursday was coffee with a bit of fun shopping with my dear friend Nancy.  SO LOVE YOU, Nancy!  I always walk away from our time together feeling like I just spent time with Jesus!

My Friday morning began with a great hike with my dear friend, Wendy ~ and of course we couldn't help but grab some Java afterwards!  It was so sunny and beautiful that we were able to sit OUTSIDE to sip our coffees!  For those of you who don't live here, the sunny day and warmth was a 2-day treat (TH and FRI)........we are now back to the gray and rain again today.  The weather was GREAT while it lasted!  And the time with my friend was EVEN BETTER!!!  

This morning was another fun time filled with THREE HOURS of coffee and girl bonding with Caycee and Allison!  LOVE YA, GIRLS!  Both of these friends are an additional blessing of our adoption!  Although we all live here, I did not know them until our AWAA connection brought us together!  It was a GREAT morning!  Thanks, girls!  {Hhhmmmmmm..........I feel a Portland trip brewin'!!!!!!}  

Oh, and the fun doesn't stop there!  

I came home, threw together a fruit salsa and cinnamon pita triangles {yummy!} for our Women's Ministry Bunco night tonight and headed off to Moxie guessed it!  MORE COFFEE!!!!!

More importantly, more girl bonding!  Love, love, LOVE IT!!!!!!!  

My precious friend, Connie, and I met with my sweet friend, Terra, who wanted to talk about.......Guess what!?!?!.....ADOPTION!!!!!!!!  She and her husband are officially going to adopt from... ......Guess Where?!?!?......ETHIOPIA!!!!!  SO EXCITED for them!  As Terra puts it, "I am requesting a daughter 0-3 yrs old, and my husband is requesting siblings." Isn't that sweet!?  Once he helped welcome home Caycee and sweet Medhanit, his heart has been sold out for Ethiopia!  

Another babe (or two!) will have a Forever Family!  Go, God!  I am so completely excited to share in their journey!  America World is one of the agencies they are considering to have spearhead their journey.  Of COURSE I had nothing but GREAT things to say ~ about how AWESOME AWAA is with their impeccable ethics, Christian hearts and thoroughness in the process; as well as share with her the AMAZING prayer/support/encouragement/friendships that have formed via the Yahoo Group!  

You guys are an invaluable gift to me!  

Well, after this coffee gathering, we joined our other friends in our church's Women's Ministry for...................

GREAT time had by all!  We even decided to form a BUNCO group to continue meeting once a month!  This game is a HOOT!!!  {as well as a great excuse to get us all together, removed from all other obligations of life, and just enjoy being women!}

Hhhhhmmmmmm........I am basking in my blessings of friendship right now!  Maybe feeling a bit buzzed too {must be all the caffeine!  Ha!}  But I feel so very blessed to have the friends that I do!  And you MUST know that you, my friends in the blog world and AWAA chat group, are also included in the friendships that make me feel so BLESSED!

Each and every one of you, friends!  Those who live in town and those of you who don't.  Those I have met and those I have not.  Those who I meet in person for coffee and those I have coffee while meeting with you online.  Each one of you.  And your comments on my blog, FB, emails, phone calls..........may you know how VERY MUCH each one of them (and YOU!) touches my heart!

I cannot even BELIEVE how many of you are so giddy excited for us to meet our son or children!  You share in my joy and journey.  You challenge me to step out of my comfort zone.  You lift me up when I am down.  You breathe hope and encouragement when I struggle with the waiting.  You make me laugh.  You help keep me clinging to our Heavenly Father.  Your love for me, Jeff and our little one(s) is nothing short of AMAZING!

My hope and desire is to bring the same to each one of you, my friends!  Whatever path you are currently on, I am blessed to walk both our journey, and yours.......... TOGETHER!!!!!!!!!


The Thomas Family, Artesia, NM said...

So excited to see who your little one/s will be. I'm praying it is this week! You are such an encouragement!

Abby said...

Love you Debb and so blessed to have you in my life! Everytime I think about you lately I get chills....knowing the Holy Spirit is up to something amazing....working behind the scenes....putting all the pieces'll see your baby's sweet face soon!!! CAN NOT WAIT!!!!!

Anonymous said...

What a weekend! So fun! Praise God for friends to walk this road with with you!
Debb, you are SUCH an encouraging spirit too! I am so enjoying getting to know you through your blog! I really am so thrilled you are so close to seeing the faces of your sweet baby/babies! I talk with Joe about it and fill him in. He has even started asking! We love it!

Blessings to you this week!!


Christy. said...

A Portland trip... as in Portland Oregon?!?! I live there! If you come, tell me, I'd love to meet you in "real life"! :)

Debb said...

Leighann ~ Thanks for the prayers! Wouldn't it be exciting if it WAS this week!!!!????!!!!!! AAAHHHH!!!!!!!!! I am thankful for you!

Abby ~ Thank you, my friend! You spoke such love and encouragement to me on Sat, it was much needed!

Candace ~ You are such a sweet and encouraging blog friend! It warms my heart to know that you and Joe are so closely following and praying for our little one(s)! You bless me, and I love following your blog and story too!

Christy ~ YES! Portland, OR! We have only breathed word of it, but really REALLY want to make it happen! So I WILL contact you if/WHEN we get it planned! That would be wonderful!!!!!!! :D

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