Tuesday, February 1, 2011

SUNDAY....Baby Day!

OH, MY!  WHAT A SWEET SUNDAY IT WAS!  I hope that each of you had wonderful weekends as well!  Some events I just HAVE to share with you, as I think you will appreciate them!

Yesterday started with dear sweet Fischer (one of our two yellow lab children) waking me up.......LATE! for church!.......I set the alarm, but in my tiredness the night before, I set it for PM!  OOPS!

Well, I made it to church, and was able to participate in the baby dedications of two sets of dear friends:  Kate and Kyle and little baby Brooks; as well as Sonia and Everest and sweet precious Kathryn.  Let me tell you......there was POWER in Trevor's prayer over these (TWELVE in total dedicated) babies and their parents!  So sweet to be a part of it!

Okay, since I am not so good at taking my camera with me everywhere I go (no, not even to baby dedications and showers!  ugh!  I MUST get better before our babe(s) get home!), I have some pics so you know of whom I am talking.......
 Kyle, Brooks, Kate


Everest, Sonia
(Kathryn's Mommy & Daddy)

Mandie, though further down the line from you, know that our love extended down to you and your adorable Sophia as well!  :)

Friends, Jeff and I are HONORED to be a part of your lives and your children's' lives.  We are here for you to help in raising them to know the Lord, in any way that you may need!

Okay, so as I'm walking back to my seat, it hit me.........THAT WILL BE JEFF AND ME ONE DAY!  Holy cow!  The excitement of these newly dedicated children, and how each one came to their family (two biological and one adopted), overshadowed my thoughts of "future" dedications.  Until I was walking back to my seat, that is!.........

THANK YOU, GOD, that we have such a wonderful church family who will be HAPPY to help us raise our child or children to know YOU!
Then it was on to coffee with my dear friend, Andrea, and her sweet little Emma.  Boy, I really need to get better at taking pics of even the small fun of my days!  Andrea was in search of a Bible and little miss Emma showed me her adorable pink/red/black room.......adorable!
This fun was followed by sharing in a shower for Caycee, my prayer warrior and precious friend, who is waiting to hear of her Embassy date so that they can go and pick up their amazing 4 year old daughter!

WE BOTH ARE PRAYING THAT WE WILL HAVE A REFERRAL BY THE TIME THEY TRAVEL SO SHE AND HER HUSBAND CAN LOVE ON OUR BABE(S) FOR US!!!!!  They should hear of their travel date TOMORROW (Wed)!  PRAY their date is not too far off so they can bring their sweet daughter HOME!
Jon, Caycee, Medhanit

She takes my breathe away!  Such JOY!

WOW!  What a wonderful "baby" day!  I loved it!  I came home with such a LOVE for the children who blessed my day; for the friends with whom I shared parts of my day; and for our little one(s) half way around the world.

Such a peace, I feel.  Such a calm.  A total surrender.  Lord, I feel you!  Thank you for filling my heart with love overflowing.  Thank you for showing yourself to me in so many ways.  Thank you for all you are doing to orchestrate our union with our little babe(s).  Soon.  May it be your will for our union to be soon!


Mandie M. said...

AMEN :) A peace that can only come from him! This reminds me of something I saw in our church bulletin this weekend. It said anyone who wants to dedicate their children to the Lord should let the church office know for a May 8th dedication. As long as nothing crazy happens with a 4 month after court date wait, that will be us!! Ahhh :)

Mandie said...

As I was reading your post I was thinking about how so soon :) we will be joining you and Jeff in dedicating your precious children. Brought tears to my eyes when I then read your feeling after the dedication. Every baby dedication is so precious but my heart really takes a flip when we bring up these precious children who have been under His grace and protection waiting for their forever family and how we honor Him and teach them of His everlasting love for them.

Praying for news to come very soon!

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