Wednesday, January 5, 2011


OH, MY!  I just received such a PRECIOUS GIFT from my dear friend, Caycee!  Bless her heart!  We just got to chat and catch up about her trip to MEET HER DAUGHTER in Ethiopia!  While sharing with me a beautiful recap of her trip, she sweetly increased my level of HOPE.

Caycee helped Ethiopia (ET) come ALIVE for me!  She shared the moments of first laying eyes on her daughter and their first embrace!  She shared with me the "schedule" so-to-speak when you are over there.  She shared with me the experience of meeting the drivers and other families, and how KIND everyone is over there!

She fought elevation sickness, and provided me tips on how to combat that, should Jeff or I get queasy when over visiting our little one(s).  She talked of the restaurants in Addis, and touched on some of the activities they engaged in when they were not with their daughter.  She shared with me how KIND everyone is over there!

She shared stories of how the drivers will bend over backwards to help you find whatever item you are looking to purchase to take home with you.  She expressed what an amazing job the drivers' did, interpreting for them with their daughter, M*.  She invited me into the general details of meeting M*s birth mother.  She shared with me how KIND everyone is over there, in ET!

She brainstormed ideas with me of keepsake items we may want to purchase when it is our turn to travel to Ethiopia to meet OUR child or children!  She surprised me with details of how much cleaner and nicer the Guest Home was than she expected; and how pleasantly surprised she was with the cleanliness of our agency's Transition Homes!  She shared with me how KIND everyone is over there!

She assured me that the nannies really DO care for ~ and love ~ and love ON our children!  REALLY!  Hearing how they play with and love on all of the children made my momma heart cry for JOY!  Our little babe(s) aren't sitting over there alone.  Waiting for us.  They may not be receiving OUR love and hugs, but they ARE receiving genuine love and attention!  THANK YOU, NANNIES!!!!  Again, she shared with me how KIND everyone is over there, in ET.

THANK YOU, CAYCEE!  YOU are such a precious gift to me!  And our conversation today was such a precious gift as well!  THANK YOU for saying exactly what my momma heart needed to hear.  Thank you for assuring me that GOD is loving our children; and the nannies are loving our children;  that they are in GOOD hands while they await our arrival..................................

THANK YOU for making all of this adoption "stuff" seem REAL!  For re-instilling in me the hope that this really IS going to happen, even though it feels at times like we will be in this holding pattern forever!  Thank you for calming my worries that our children were alone.  Abandoned.  They are not!

THANK YOU for helping this journey to our children seem ALIVE and REAL!  This really IS going to happen!  Maybe not as soon as Jeff and I would like, but definitely exactly when our Heavenly Father has planned for it all along!

Caycee, THANK YOU for blessing me today.  Please know that Jeff and I will continue to increase the prayers for M* as she awaits your return to pick her up and bring her HOME!  FOREVER!  We cannot WAIT to meet her!  You bless me, friend........................


Mandie M. said...

I would like to know some of these keepsakes :)! Share the info if you can!

Abby said...

What a great blessing!! Yes please share the keepsake ideas:) It is so great to be able to talk to people who have traveled the road ahead of us!!!

Alison said...

Wow!! Sounds like a great, encouraging day!! So great to have friends to help us on this journey!! What a blessing!

*Overflowing* said...

What a beautiful gift! Oh, to dream about the day you will be there meeting your own babes. It will be soon mama...sooooo very soon!!! It always happens when we least expect it!

Leigh Ann Harris said...

Oh wow! What a sweet post!! Congratulations to your family...looks like it won't be too much longer! Thanks for stopping by my blog...I can't wait to meet you at the retreat!! Blessings, Leigh Ann

Debb said...

Yes! It was such an invigorating conversation and precious gift! I feel more free to dream again of our children! Yay! Yes! I will be HAPPY to post the keepsake ideas in a day or two! :)

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